Is everything going to its end?

Is everything going to its end?

Collision of planet

Everyone, once in his life tries to think how big is universe, where we are living, how everything is going to end and most importantly who/what is creator. So let's try to get answer of these questions which make us crazy about this universe. In this article we will learn possibility ( we can't predict anything exactly until we get our theory of everything) of ending of everything.

                      End of life from earth

End of life

Let's move our time dial to 50000 years forward.
Now because of global warming, earth's temperature has been raised, life on earth is a tough and challenging task for humans (here we are assuming that we didn't get any other planet where we can shift our civilization). Dusty storms and smoky clouds are normal now. Half of human population has been end because of different types of cancer (from chemical smoke and from direct uv rays).

Let's move our time dial to 5000000 years forward. Temperature on earth is getting normal now and earth is looking more greenly then 5000000 year before it looks like. The reason behind this is end of human civilization from earth, as we know humans are only transporter and life only need producer and decomposer. I can see a beautiful and greenly planet now, at a time which is almost destroyed by humans and I can say this now " this planet don't need humans".

End  of our solar system

End of solar system

Here we jump 5000000000 years in future. Our Sun change itself from star to a red dwarf and ingest some planets like Mercury, Venus, earth and Mars. In between these, milky way galaxy is collide and intermix with another galaxy named Andromeda. if humans were still there than they can see a beautiful scene at night because of increase in number of stars and gas cloud. This is what called beauty of nature.

               Formation of the great galaxy

Collision of galaxy

 Now we moving our time to 5000000000000 years. Now all the galaxy of Virgo super cluster is combined and convert into a gigantic galaxy. This galaxy is loosing it's fuel because it's stars are dying ( stars are only source of light in a galaxy). The universe is looking very dim comparing to 21century because it's stars are died and only there Pieces are moving in the universe.

                 Towards end of universe 

Collision of black holes

Now we moved to 50000000000000000000000 years. Because all the stars are destroyed, here is only one thing which is ruling the universe now. Yeah they are black holes. Black holes are engulfing small parts of dead stars who are ruling the universe at a time.
After sudden period black holes almost engulf everything.

Here is a simple question everyone thinks that is, why the parts of dead stars didn't get attracted by gravity and make celestial bodies again, then the answer is, because of expansion of universe.
Actually right now the speed of expansion of universe is little bit less than twice the speed of light. Because of such a great expansion, distance between every particle is increasing so gravity is unable to do its job. And here we are talking about massive black holes which means really massive so it can engulf everything. Now black have all ready engulfed everything, so here is nothing except black holes.

Now those massive black holes get combine and make a ........ black hole which size undescribable, so we can't even imagine it's size. Now super/ultra massive black hole is get vaporized because of Hawking’s radiation.

                  Finding the creator/god

Now I can't move my time dial, because here is no time. Really here is nothing, no electron, no proton, no neutron and nothing. Here is just a darkness which is shapeless, endless and formless. This darkness will never end and never dies because this is biggest end and better than life. This eternal darkness fulfil all the criteria for calling him "the god and creator."

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