Are we traveling in time?

Are we traveling in time?

Time travel

Whenever we think or hear about time travel, one thought must came in our mind that is about the theory of General relativity(given by Einstein) .That is, if we travel with the speed of light we could travel into time.
Appart from this all ,we are unaware to the incidents that is happening in our daily life that relates to the time travel.

Let's see such incidents.........

               Artificial satellites facing time travel everyday

Artificial satellites

As we know that, satellites that are installed in space orbits the earth with the speed of 14,000km/hr, and orbits the earth twice a day.  So the satellite clock (clock present in the satellite) are moving different than the clock present on the earth. And according to the general theory of relativity, as we moves faster time gets slower, by about 7 microseconds/day (millionths of a second) in the case of satellites.

Also, it revolves 20,000km above us. So, it experiences gravity that is 4 times weaker than on the earth. And according to general theory of relativity gravity curves space an time that results in tendency for orbiting clock to tick slightly  faster. That is about 45 microseconds/day.

As a result on calculating, the satellite clock advances faster than the clock present on earth, by about 38 microseconds/day.

Here many of questions came to the mind that, does this very little change in time can affect the working of satellites.

So yes, actually to determine the location of navigation satellite, the GPS receiver uses the time at which each signal from the satellite emitted. As determined by the on-board atomic clock and encoded into signal. To achieve a navigation accuracy of 15 meters, time throughout the GPS system must be known to be accuracy of 50 nanoseconds, which is equal to the time taken by the light to travel 15 meters.

But at 38 microseconds per day, this offset in the rate of satellite clock it is so large that, if left uncompensated, it would cause navigation errors that accumulate faster than 10 KMs per day.

Without the proper application of relativity, GPS would fail in its navigation functions without about 2 minutes.
So, think what happen when you plans a vacation trip and GPS system fails.
And think about Einstein and GPS tracer in cockpit, helping the pilots guide you to a safe landing.

   Astronaut as time travellers

Space stations

Now, try to relate the case of navigation satellite with the astronauts who are in the space stations or on a long rocket trip. Absolutely, they are not just only space travellers but also time travellers.
Actually this difference is not enough to notice but enough to measure. A 100 year to space travel is equal to one second forward in time.

So, if you also want to be a time traveller then you have to a space traveller.

          Scientific experiment on time travel

Time travel experiment

Now, we are aware about the time travel that is happening but, they are too small to be noticeable. Here in recent, experiments on time travel scientists got success.
These experiments was not on human or a rat, actually was on a particle. But, this is a great success in the history of time travel. These particle not only travel the time but also meet their ancient one.

A Washington State University physicists were able to slow down the movement of particles so much that “negative mass” was created, causing the particles to accelerate forward when they were pushed away. The physicists concluded that the particles went backward in time.

As well, physicists at the University of Queensland in Australia were able to make a single photon, or particle of light, go through a wormhole and interact with its older self on the other side.

There is also what’s called the delayed choice experiment. The delayed choice experiment illustrates how what happens in the present can change what happens(ed) in the past. It also shows how time can go backwards, how cause and effect can be reversed, and how the future caused the past.

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