Hawking’s radiation

Hawking’s radiation

Hawkins radiation

For understanding the concept of hawking’s radiation we should must have some general information about black holes, because this topic is totally related to black holes. Do you ever tries to think, if black holes are really black than how we are able to see them. Let's find out answer of these questions.

                            Black holes

Black holes

You must know some general information about Black holes like, they are body of heavy mass, time slow downs near a black hole and many more. Let's know some more about Black holes in detail.
Scientist named this object, monster of universe and that suits on its nature.
Yes, they are the body of very- very high mass and most important thing is that such a huge amount of mass is concentrated at a point which is called singularity. Because of such a huge amount of mass, time Slows down near a black hole.

              Birth of monster of universe

Star life to supernova

 Black holes are the dead body of a star of heavy mass which is nearly equal to 20solar mass. When the process of nuclear fusion stops in a star then it lost its stability. This happens as, hydrogen fused into helium, helium fused into lithium, lithium into beryllium, beryllium into boron, boron into carbon, carbon into nitrogen and nitrogen into ( iron further can't fused). When this process is done in a star then that star lost its fuel and a explosion held in that star.
That explosion is called supernova. Here gravity comes into play and star gets contract towards its own core and converted into a single point which is singularity. Because of such a high mass in a single point, that singularity make a bigger curve in space time than any other body. Hence this curve and singularity collectively called a black hole.

            Interesting and hidden nature of   
                               Black holes 

Here we got a point that is black hole make a big and deep pit like curve in space time and that's why time slow downs near black hole. The part of black hole from where anything and this means anything, can't escape is called event horizon. After stepping up in event horizon even light can't escape.

               Theories and predictions about
                                  Black holes 

Black holes shows very harsh and extremely different nature than any other body in the universe and because of this here are lots of theories and ideas about Black holes. Black holes are first predicted by Albert Einstein. Some ideas related to black holes are:
 1. Black holes are door for entering in other universe.
 2. The other end of a black hole is connected with white hole in parallel universe.
 3. The only job of black hole is ingulf everything and end the universe.

              Terms related to Hawking’s radiation 

Hawkins radiation

For understanding the hawking’s radiation, we must have some general information about 2nd law of thermodynamics. According to second law of thermodynamics, the entropy (disorder) of an isolated system will increases or remains constant, it will never decreases

But if we apply this principle on black holes than we can see that black hole engulf any body forever so here entropy decreases,  Which is against the second law of thermodynamics. But the reality behind this is, the increase in area of event horizon of a black hole is the total measurement of entropy. If we add the entropy of body outside the black hole and increase in area of event horizon then we can get out constant entropy. By this way, the second law of thermodynamics also valid on black holes.

But when Stephen Hawking get this idea then he travelled to many scientists and he made a point that is, if  black holes have entropy then they also must have temperature. So as we know any body which has temperature, emits radiation with the certain rate. But if we tried to think that, if light also can't escape from a black hole so how it can emit radiation. But Stephen Hawking get the calculations that black hole emit radiation.

We can get our answer with the help of quantum theory only. According to quantum theory, that radiation didn't emitted from black hole but it emit from space closer to event horizon. The radiation emits from space near event horizon is termed as hawking’s radiation. Because of this radiation we are able to detect a black hole easily in space.

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