Why do we need to find another home?

Why do we need an another home?

 Habitable planet
Today we are living happily with our families and friends. But, does we know how longer things will continue.
Today we must know that at one day we must have to leave our beautiful planet and this is going to be happen because of our own mistakes.

   How life from earth is going to be end


We all know the fact that the population of humans on earth is increasing. Because of increase in population humans are overusing natural resources and start making their own artificial resources which is damaging the planet. Industrialisation, urbanization indreased pollution and also leads to decreased the quality of environment that damaged and still damaging the planet.
Humans are killing the forests brutally and making their own houses by snatching their home from animals and other organisms of the forests.
This whole thing is creating a great disbalance in planet's environment.
Today we can feel the rise in temperature because of greenhouse effect which is also our creation. If humans will continue then earth is no longer going to be a planet where humans can survive. Which means we need any other planet, any other home.

This may become our next home

In search for life, we are searching every planet in our solar system but until now we don't get any signs of life on any planet of our solar system. This is the reason, we are trying to look outer from our solar system.

At December 1689 we have found a solar system which is nearest for us and we named that solar system,  Alpha century star system.
Habitable planet

Alpha century is actually a binary star system and both the Stars are very closed to each other. The bigger star in this star system named as alpha century A and other is named as alpha century B. The bigger one, alpha century A is bigger than our own sun, it's radius is nearly equal to 9 lakh km. Alpha century B is smaller than our Sun and its luminosity is less than our sun and it's radius is almost 6 lakh km.

Alpha century star system is nearly 4.37 light years from us. Predictions are, both the stars of alpha century star system is older than our sun.  In 1915 a Scottish astronomer Robert T. A. Innes, saw a blinking in his photographic plate during study of alpha century star system. He rechecked those plates on different times but the blinking was same on every plate.

This is a object which is really big in size and after study we get that the size of its parallax and diameter is similar to alpha century A and B. The interesting fact about that star is, it was showing a proper motion than alpha century A and B. That object was named as alpha century C or Proxima centuri.
Proxima centuri

 Proxima centuri is nearly 4.24 light years away from our solar system which is the nearest star from us. So after this discovery the alpha century star system is now a triple star system. Proxima centuri is the smallest and coolest star in that system. Proxima centuri complete one orbit of alpha century A and B nearly in 5.5 lakh years.

According to calculation, Proxima centuri is not only very older star than our sun but it's life in future is also pretty long. Because of its long life in future we are thinking that, can we use this long life of this star. In 2016, finally we confirmed a planet rotating Proxima century and we named it Proxima century B. Proxima century B is 0.05AU from its star Proxima century.

The exciting fact about this planet is, it was under habitable zone. No, the question is, is the life on Proxima century B is possible and if it is then how we reached there. It means again, the barrier for our next home is, it's distance from us. But, it is possible to solve it in future and to rescue human life from earth.

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  1. Looking on the situation on our world, everybody understand that we need to move to another planet. I hope, that, in future, we will have an opportunity to move among planets.