Why should alien exist?

Why should alien exist?

In today’s life, we must think about topics which are related to alien or advanced life on planets other than Earth. Alien life is an interesting and possible thing which is thought about by us in our day to day life. 

We have watched aliens in movies and read about them in books and comics, but the reality is, we haven’t found any alien life on any planet in the universe. This is the reason, why some part of society thinks aliens exist just in our mind only.

Now the question is, why we think that alien life does exist in this universe?

Answer is very simple, here is nothing special on this earth which can’t exist on any other planet. Today we are spending a huge amount of time and money to know the answer of this question, is aliens exist in this universe or not?

We are using very high power telescopes to find something, even out of our solar system or far from our solar system. Actually we have found  earth like planets in this universe but not one but many.


 Exoplanets founded by Kepler and other telescopes

In 2013, astronomers gives a report on basis of Kepler space mission, in that report astronomers mentioned that, there is more than 38billion earth like Exoplanets rotating in habitable zone of their star and this is the report of our milky way galaxy only. This report raise the percentage of alien life in this universe.

We have found 7 planets orbiting their star ‘Trappist 1’ and extraordinary thing is, all these 7 planets comes under ‘’habitable zone’’- if water is present in liquid state on any planet then that planet is consider under habitable zone.
Mainly three planets are considered in habitable zone but distance between these planet is very less as compare to distance between two planets in our solar system. Finally in 2018, researchers described that “Trappist e” is the most habitable planet among all of them.

May be alien life exist in advanced or may be in microbial form in these planets. Again the barrier between these planets and us is distance, which is nearly 40 light years from sun. 
We are trying to find some sign of microbial life in our own solar systems on some planets and moons of some planets. 

Possibility of microbial life on ‘Titan’

Titan is the largest and sixth moon of Saturn. Titan is very much colder than earth so water didn’t found in liquid state permanently. But there is a numbers of lakes and seas of methane and ethane do exist on titan and scientists are predicting that, may be there is some kind of microbial life present in those lakes and seas which is different from earth microbes.

The another reason for this kind of prediction is, we have found huge amount of carbon molecules in tough atmosphere of titan. 

Possibility of microbial life on ‘Enceladus’

Enceladus is a icy moon of Saturn, where astronomers are trying to find some sign of life. The outer crust surface is totally covered with ice and inside that ice oceans may be present. Researchers propose that, here are some bacteria on earth which can survive under the conditions of Enceladus.

Researchers have found some hydrothermal reactions in oceans of Enceladus which is keep producing dihydrogen. The hypothesis is, the bacterial life on Enceladus may be breaking hydrogen molecule and fuses it with carbon dioxide and form methane as a product which is the most abundant substance on Enceladus found in Cassini mission. 

Possibility of alien life on Mars in past and microbial life in present

Actually humans are predicting about life on mars from when they were only able to see it in night sky. In night sky it is the 2nd most brighten object after our moon, it looks like dark and red in colour that’s why ancient people get frightened from Mars because they think that is a symbol of blood and war.

Actually name Mars is given by Romans, they named this planet on the name of their God of war Mars. Today many people believe that, in past there was some kind of life on Mars which destroyed themselves in a war and that’s why ancient people were get frightened from this planet. Actually we have some proof of life on Mars from past in form of a human face sculpture and alignment of three old mountain like objects same as alignment of pyramids of Giza.

Today we have successfully found liquid water and some organic material on Mars which is the sign of life. Life mainly needs, water in liquid form, carbon, organic material and atmosphere.

Mars don’t have it’s atmosphere that’s why some people still thinks life do not exist on Mars. Now the question is if life do not exist on Mars the what’s that face sculpture and pyramid of Giza is indicating towards Mars again and again.

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  1. Are we looking /searching one side of sun, though we are moving around the sun. Is it possible that there are other planets, who is revolving but not moving around the sun and same distance as our Earth is from sun? I wonder!

  2. "Are we looking /searching on only one side of The Sun, though we are moving around the Sun. Is it possible that there are other planets, which revolve but around the Sun and same distance as our Earth is from Sun? I wonder!"
    There are "Lagrangian points" which are locations on or near the orbital path of the Earth that are gravitationally stable. Objects considerably smaller than the planets can last a long time in orbits that are at lagrangian points. For each planet there are 5 such points. One is directly on the other side of the Sun from the planet another is between the planet and the Sun (there is a satellite observing the Sun at that point now!). Check out [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrangian_point ] for more information.

  3. By the way: There are no aliens on any objects at these Lagrangian points. As far as we can tell (though we have not examined all the solar system bodies) there is no life outside the Earth in our solar asystem.