Impossible! Astronomers find a dust ring very close to the sun|

Impossible! Astronomers find a dust ring very close to the Sun

Our solar system is not empty, it is filled with dust from crumbling asteroids and comets. But, it forms ring only around few planets. Here, only Venus and Earth have such a dust ring which they can say their own.

On the other hand astronomers see little planet Mercury all alone and which is only heating source and scientists even didn’t dream about the presence of dust particle around the mercury. But their prediction went wrong.

Recently astronomers have found a vast trail of cosmic dust around the Mercury, which is forming a ring of width of 15 million kilometres (9.3 million miles).

Astronomers were predicting about Mercury that it should not wear such a dust ring  like Venus and Earth because it is too small as well as too close to the sun. As it is too close to the Sun so that solar wind and the magnetic force from the Sun would blow away all the excess dusts from the orbit of Mercury.

How the astronomers have found this weird ring around the Mercury?

In actual, it was discovered accidentally, like x-ray. Actually, a solar scientist Stenborg  with his colleague Russell Howard was looking for gaps in the dust near the sun where matter should have been vaporise and swept clean.

But, scientists didn’t find dust free space from earth to the Sun. Dust are present every where from where we are sitting to the Sun.

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And we found this because the light that we see is actually comes after reflecting from those dust particles  and with creating a force 100 times bigger the coronal light itself.

Generally while studying the corona of Sun scientists ignores this fact but this time they keep it and after comparing pictures taken by NASA's STEREO they make a model that separates both kind of lights to calculate how much dust is present in the space.

And, what they found was a bright circle all the way around the  orbit which was formed by 3 percent to 5 percent of excess dust density at the centre of the ring. And also all around the sun we can see same increase of 5 percent dust density.

This discovery questions our understanding because, if Mercury really have such cosmic dust ring, then this material is must able to go far close to the Sun which we ever thought possible.

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The study of these cosmic materials can disclose many mysteries about the universe and can give clue about the formation of our solar system.

And if we able to take sample and study that material which can survive so close to the sun then it will really very helpful for us for making such probes, and spacecraft which can study sun from very close to it, and will also help in many new discoveries in the universe.

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