Finally astronomers find out moving water molecules on moon!

Finally astronomers find out moving water molecules on moon

Finally astronomers find out moving water molecules on moon

Moon is the only natural satellite of earth which is only 1.28 light seconds away from earth’s surface. Earth’s moon is the 6th largest moon in the solar system. The moon is dense composition of hydrogen, helium, sodium, potassium, neon and argon.

We see moon in a night sky as a beautiful brighten object . But astronomers see moon as a most closest celestial body from earth which may have any possibilities of any form of life, it may be in form of multicellular organisms on in form of unicellular organisms but it does not really matter for researchers.

After NASA’s Apollo 11 program, we just stop thinking about any possibility of life on moon but astronomers didn’t loose their hope. They are still trying to find some sign of life or anything interesting on moon.

We know moon as a hard rock, orbiting earth with a very close distance, but astronomers know that there is water on moon in form of ice near its pole. But the problem is that any life form can’t grow in that ice because it need a liquid form of water.

But, finally astronomers discovered the moving liquid water particles on moon’s surface. This fantastic job is done by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). Actually LRO found moving water molecules in day side of Moon.

This exciting discovery will force organisations to send astronaut on moon. This moving water molecules are the result of Moon water cycles which is interfered by earth and the Sun.

According to scientists, the water on moon is the reason of hydrogen ions present in the solar wind turns into moon water when moon passes from behind the earth and earth provides a shield to moon and the little bit of solar wind reaches to moon Which is converted in water.

We all heard about Helium 3 which is found on the surface of Moon and how it could be beneficial for us in making of fuels and generating energy from it.

In the same way scientists are predicting that the moon water is also a very beneficial substance for our daily purpose as we can generate thermal and electrical energy from this water. If we will able to use moon water as a fuel then there will be a great chance that moon is going to convert into our next space station.

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