One more planet found revolving around the Sun!

Finally we got a new planet in our solar system

Finally we got a new planet in our solar system

We have studied about solar systems from our junior classes that there are eight planets in our solar system, orbiting our sun in a fixed orbit. At a time, we count nine planets that was Pluto but latter it loses its identity as planet and then known as a dwarf .

Hence we have only eight planets in our solar system that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

With the help of different telescopes and space probes, we collect lots of information about different planets and we also study the moons of different planets. After revealing everything about our solar system, scientists move forward towards interstellar space, other solar systems and even other galaxy.

Now days we know the mass of our galaxy which is 1.5 trillion solar mass. But here now scientists are predicting that they have found out a new planet in our solar system and they simply named it planet nine.

How scientists found planet nine?

Planet nine is a hypothetical planet which orbit our sun from a very large distance. Actually we didn’t still get our planet nine but scientists feels the proof of its existence.

The gravitational effect of planet nine can be observed on extreme trans-neptunian objects so called eTNOs. eTNOs are the objects orbiting the sun from a distance equal to 250 the distance of earth and sun.

According to general information, these eTNOs always tends to orbit sun in a closest path in any one sector but here scientists observe that there is any heavy mass body which is literally far away from these eTNOs and this body is interfering the path of eTNOs.

Hence, only a planet have such a huge size and mass which can interfere in path of any body with such a huge distance.

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Predicted property of planet nine

According to researches, the predicted mass of planet nine is five to ten times the mass of the earth and its distance from sun is nearly 800 times the distance of earth and sun.

According to Konstantin batygin and Michael E. Brown, the planet nine was the core of a giant planet of our solar system in past which is thrown out from the solar system by the gravitational pull of Jupiter during the process of genesis of our solar system.

Some other theories says, this planet is captured by the gravitational force of sun from any other solar system, where some says this is a planet who is thrown out from its own galaxy and captured by our sun.

According to astronomer Jean luc Margot, if we will able to detect planet nine in future then it will satisfy under our current definition of planet to call him a planet. Because of such a huge distance from sun it’s surface temperature will be very low and planet is either going to be a ice giant or a gas giant.

Now the question is, if there is another planet in our own solar system then why we haven’t detect it until now?

We are exploring other galaxies, nebulas, stars and their planet even they are at a huge distance from us but still we have few knowledge about them, then how we misses a planet in our own solar system?

Here are many answers can satisfy us, may be this planet is a dark planet like Tres 2b which is not reflecting enough light of sun which make this planet invisible. But still the question is, we still found Tres 2b from such a huge distance and not a planet in our own solar system?

The answer supports this is, may be this planet is going to be the next darkest planet in the universe. The idea behind this is, Tres 2b is orbiting its star from a very small as it is very closer to its star but in the case of planet nine, it’s distance from sun is a huge distance which is sufficient to make it a invisible planet if it has a same surface and atmosphere like Tres 2b.

But still all these are hypothesis and ideas and it is not going to convert into fact until we discover Tres 2b. But one thing is very clear that, universe still have many more things which can surprise us.

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