How astronomers discovered such a small black hole?

How astronomers discovered this extreme black hole?

How astronomers discovered this extreme black hole?

Black holes are really interesting and extremely complex object for us. These are the objects with huge mass concentrated at a small point increasing the gravitational force of the point million times than before.

We can say that, black holes are the dead body of huge stars whose mass is greater than equal to 5 solar mass.
When any star used up its all hydrogen as a fuel and unable to do nuclear fusion then the star is unable to withstand its own gravitational pull hence it starts collapsing until it collapse in a single point.

The point mass is actually invisible and it makes a huge curve in space time hence and produces huge gravitational pull which attracts any object under its zone. The point mass then starts increasing and it is termed as point of singularity.

The outer boundary of a black hole from where no object can escape is known as event horizon. Once if light entered in event horizon then it also can’t escape from gravitational pull of black hole.

According to Stephen hawking, black holes are not really black, as they emit a radiation known as Hawking’s radiation after him which make black holes visible in some case.

But if black hole are not so big then detecting them is not an easy task. But here astronomers done this challenging task.

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How astronomers detect this small black hole?

Rescently, astronomers have detect a black hole in a gas cloud which is not so big in size. Actually astronomers detect this black hole because of its effect on interstellar gas cloud.
A research team which is lead by Shunya Takekawa at national research observatory in Japan has observed this gas cloud in Sagittarius constellation.

They named this black hole as HNC-0.009-0.044. It is a gas cloud which is coming towards the centre of Milky way galaxy. This gas cloud is more than 22,000 light years away from us.

After performing some high resolution examination, the researchers said that the gas cloud is rotating around any massive object in the centre of that  cloud.

Takekawa’s team found a heavy body of mass near to 30,000 solar masses Concentrated in a small space ( smaller than our solar system). After many resolutions Takekawa’s team didn’t able to see any object like that so he claimed it as a normal sized black hole.

According to some researchers, this mediate size black hole is only 20 light years from the black hole present in the centre of our galaxy and it is moving toward it because of its high gravitational pull.

In future this medium sized black hole will collide with the black hole in our galactic centre and form a much more larger black hole and if human civilisation will remain saved for that time than we will able to detect that collision between these two black holes because of high gravitational waves released during the time of collisions of black holes.

Researchers says that in future we will able to detect many more black holes like it in our galaxy by studying this one.

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