"Oumuamua" a messenger from interstellar space!

"Oumuamua" a messenger from interstellar space

Today we have advanced our technology in almost every field of science, either it is space science or quantum physics and still we are advancing our technology. If we talk about space technology, we have very powerful telescopes like Hubble telescope, which is exploring the Universe from almost three decades and still continuing it’s job. Not only Hubble we have many more such gadgets to find the mystery of universe. But, time to time we realise, still we have to become more advance.

This time it was an interstellar traveller named OUMUAMUA which was coming towards our solar system to realise us, about our technology.

Let’s know how much we know about this interstellar traveller Oumuamua...........

Discovery of Oumuamua

As regular, the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System-1 (Pan-STARRS-1) in Hawaii, which is just installed to observe asteroids like objects was exploring the space, but, on October 19th,2017 they found something cigar-shaped object that was not from our solar system. After studying more on it they announced it as first interstellar traveller to our solar system and named it “Oumuamua”. And was discovered by Robert weryk.

From where Oumuamua come from?

After studying on it astronomers roughly estimated that Oumuamua appears to have come from Vega in the constellation Lyra with velocity 26 km/s. On studying it on for 34 days they found that it is not bound of gravity of sun and will leave solar system to explore interstellar space because it has sun’s escape velocity.
Path of Oumuamua

As Oumuamua entered into the solar system, due the  gravitational pull of the sun it reaches maximum velocity of 87.71 km/s on 6th September and on 9th September it makes a sharp turn at the distance of 0.255AU from sun towards Pegasus constellation.

According to scientists, to become a interstellar traveller like Oumuamua, one has to slung out of its one solar system by getting  a gravitational boost from giant gas planet  i.e., like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in our solar system.

Scientists says Oumuamua is not going to exploring any other star or will close to another star roughly in next 10^14 or 10^15 years.

Oumuamua is a comet or a Asteroid?

After many observations on Oumuamua within following months astronomers were confused to classify it within comet and asteroid because it has property of both of them.
Oumuamua asteroid or comet

Initially, it was classified as a Comet and named it as C/2017 U1 (PANSTARRS) on the basis of its hyperbolic trajectory. On several attempts of observations on Oumuamua to conform any cometary activity, Oumuamua was failed to prove itself as a Comet.
 Even when Oumuamua was at it’s closest point to the Sun it does not form any tail, which is a character of a comet.

Later, on observing on it more Oumuamua was finally classified as a Asteroid and renamed as A/2017 U1 and become first ever Comet to become an Asteroid.
Again, after viewing some more reports on Oumuamua scientists says that is has both the property of comet as well as Asteroid, so it later left somewhere between comet and Asteroid.

Hype of alien origin of Oumuamua

Scientists after observing it start predicting it should have connections to aliens. The hype starts spreading, after the report published by Abraham Loeb and Smuel bialy. In this report they tell us, why they think that Oumuamua is not a natural object.
Is Oumuamua a alien space prob
The first point suggesting by them was ‘velocity of Oumuamua’.
Oumuamua comes from interstellar space to our solar system but when it was crossing our sun then it’s wasn’t decreases but it was increasing constantly, which is not a type of motion showed by any natural object. We don’t know the source of Oumuamua’s acceleration.

We know that every planet revolve around its star and every star revolve around the centre of its galaxy. The speed of any rock, Asteroid or comet in a solar system is same as the speed of its star but the speed of Oumuamua is very-very less as compare to speed of any star. So if we imagine, the home star of Oumuamua it must have a very low speed which is a rarest case in universe.
Another point is, if any comet is escaping sun’s gravitational field than a change in its rotation must seen which was not happening with Oumuamua. According to Abraham Loeb and Smuel bialy, Oumuamua may be a light sail probe which is sent by an advanced civilisation. But most of the astronomers and scientists did not agree with this repot, they think we don’t have enough knowledge Oumuamua so we shouldn’t predict things like this. Also after this hype scientists try to detect any radio signal coming from Oumuamua but there was nothing like that.

The interesting thing is, Oumuamua is not actually the first object from interstellar space but many more came before it and will come in future but we are not able to detect them because they all are not big as Oumuamua.

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