These evidences shows the connection between Earth and Mars!

These evidences shows the connection between Earth and Mars!

Today we are living our life happily on this planet. But scientists knows the fact that, one day we have to leave our beautiful home planet because it will not remain suitable for life in future anymore.

Well, there are many ways by which life from earth is going to be extinct in future. May be, the earth collide with a big asteroid in future and because of this collision, earth loses its atmosphere hence the life on earth is going to be impossible in such conditions.

Here some possibilities are, human can destroy their planet by themselves. The nuclear war also may be the reason for destruction of humans or another way of ending of humans is global warming.

Hence, now we can say that life on earth is not possible for long time so we need to find any other planet where we can shift.

Now the question is, which type of planets we need to make our new home?

Here are the following criteria for the planet where life is possible:

1. The planet should be in habitable zone… i.e., water should be present in liquid state.

2. The atmosphere should be present on that planet.

3. The planet must have a rocky and hard surface rather than being a gaseous planet.

4. The essential elements which is necessary for life must present on that planet.

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There are some more conditions which is needed to support life. We have found many planets where water is present in liquid state, the surface of the planet is rocky and the planets also have its atmosphere but still we can’t reach to those planets. 

Actually these planets are discovered by Kepler or other high range telescopes which has ability to see far from galaxy, but the fact is,  these discovered planets are too far from us.

Hence, we need a planet where we can really reach. Any planet in our own solar system and most of the people know that, the Mars is the planet where life could be possible in future.

Why Mars?

Humans are interested in Mars from 16th century, as we can see the description of the Mars in the books and novels of 16th century.

The reason behind this is, Mars is the only planet which is visible in night sky so clearly with its dark red colour.

Actually Venus is the closest planet from the Earth at a distance of 16 million miles. The mass of Venus is equal to the 80% of mass of earth and its gravitational force is 90% of earth’s gravitation.

Scientists see Venus as a twin of earth but the main problem with Venus is its temperature which is more than 400°C, which is not suitable for any type of life.

Scientists sends many landers and probes on Venus for study of its surface and its chemical composition but non of the probes were able to survive more than two hours on Venus.

The surface temperature of Venus is able to melt metal like iron and lead. NASA make concept named as HAVOC which means High altitude Venus operational concept.

According to this concept, scientists will make a city 50 meters above the surface of Venus but it is just a concept. The reason why this concept is look like impossible because it is very expensive and dangerous concept.
Because of these reasons Mars is our only choice for our second home.

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Life on Mars

Life on Mars is like a dream now but it may be possible in future. Humans sent their first rover on Mars in 1971 named as Mars 2 and 3 which was made by soviet union.

Yes! this rover becomes the first rover to touch the surface of Mars but this mission was failed because the rover gets crashed just after landing.

After this crash, NASA sends its lander Viking 1 in 1976 which complete its mission successfully.

After this lander, NASA sends first rover on Mars named as SOJOUNER in 1997.

This rover not only landed on Mars but it was able to explore the surface and atmosphere of mars because being a rover.

After the successful landing of SOJOUNER rover NASA sends Spirit and Opportunity on Mars.

These rovers were not able to find any sign of life on Mars but still scientists think that there may be any microbial life or other forms of life in past.

If we take a look on different human civilization history we will find the description of Mars in many civilization.

The first picture of mars was drawn by Egyptians in 1534 BC. Egyptians respects Mars but there were some civilization which get frightened from because they take Mars as a sign of danger.

May be the reason behind this is the red colour of mars.

Firstly, Romans named this red planet “mars” which was the name of their God of war. The calendar of Maya civilization was totally based on movement and orbit of mars.

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The String Theory!

In Tiotihuacan of Mexico, some researchers found a pyramid in 2003 and below the pyramid, there was  a cave.

When researchers sends an robot with camera in that cave then they found some rocks which was coated by gold and they also found that the wall of cave was also coated by gold such that if any light emitted there than the cave must start shine just like our universe.

But the question is why Maya civilization was making a 3D map like universe in a cave and here the interesting fact is, the temple situated at the top of the cave was the temple of a their God who look  like a flying snake.

And according to Maya civilization, this God is responsible for the destruction of mars and they make pictures of this God same as a Asteroid.

So here is a chance that there were life on Mars at a time which was destroyed by a collision with an Asteroid.

After the study of mars from decades, scientists also agree the fact that, at some point there was a collision on Mars. With these fact we can’t agree that there were some life on Mars at a time but somehow it was ended.

Hence this is the reason, why humans are always so excited about mars. Now days, space x has taken the responsibility to moving on Mars until 2030.

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