"VY canis majoris" a star which challenges our knowledge

The star which challenges our knowledge "VY canis majoris"

Stars are one of the main objects in our universe as they works as lamps in whole universe. We can’t really predict, how many stars we have in our universe because we still don’t know exact size of universe.

There are billions of stars are present in our observable universe whose are lightning the universe from billions of years. Stars forms in a condition of extremely dense and cold places in universe where temperature is just above absolute zero ( near about 10k).

The game of formation of star is totally dependent on pressure and density of gasses, mainly of carbon monoxide and dihydrogen.

Due to high pressure and low temperature, density increases and gravitational force shows its effects ( turbulence) and hence star forms. Most of the stars forms in nebulas.

Our sun is also a star like billions other of this universe. We can imagine the importance of stars as, if there are no stars in universe then universe is going to be just a dark place with no chance of any form of life because life needed light and which can produce by stars.
Our sun is really a massive star diameter of 1.39 million kilometres and 333, 000 times the mass of earth. These figures are really massive right? Well, if you think that than you are totally wrong, because we know a star which is 2100 times bigger than our sun. It is true, name of the star is VY Canis majoris.

This star comes under criteria of supergiant stars which are really big in comparing with our sun. If we put sun near some supergiant stars then it will take some years for us to find it. These supergiant stars are generally blue and red in color.

Red supergiants are generally old stars and carrying mass just about a ten sun’s. Red supergiants star form when any star used up enough nuclear fusion and suddenly process stops due to lack of hydrogen but this process of fusion restarts because of some remaining hydrogen at outer edge of star and hence star regains its ability of fusion.

At the time of this stage, star uses its fuel very quickly and produce enormous amount of heat and energy by decreasing its life. After some million year the life of that star reaches to an end by a supernova or by forming a black hole. Blue supergiants are comparably smaller and hotter than red one but they have very shorter life of some million years.
The discovery of VY canis majoris is a topic for discussion but we believe that, the French astronomer Jerome Lalande firstly discover this star in 1801.

This star is so big that if we replace VY canis majoris with our sun then this giant star will overtake the orbit of gas giant Jupiter and enters in orbit of Saturn by destroying its rings. The estimated temperature of this star is 3500 kelvin which not the highest temperature in our universe.

If we try to take a ride of this star then it will take 1100 years to fly over this star with an aeroplane. Now if we think that, there are billions of galaxy in this universe and there are billions of stars in each so we can say that it is possible that we have any star bigger than VY canis Majoris.


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