NASA is planning for making Moon base|

NASA is planning for making Moon base

After discovering lots of habitable planets in or out from our galaxy, finally scientists are shifting their attention back to planets of our solar system.

Here, scientists accept the fact that they can’t reach to those habitable planet with the current technologies hence, they started thinking about shifting human civilization in our own solar system.

Mars and moon, these two are the bodies in our solar system where life may be possible under certain conditions.

Mars is more away from us as compare to moon and after the discovery of lunar water on lunar poles scientists are showing their interests in moon more than ever before. After this discovery finally we know that there is a full water cycle on moon which under the control of sunlight and position of earth.

Now, here is a great chance that some type of organic material or any type of microbial life also may found in that moon water.

Is moon base is possible?

After the discovery of lunar water by Chandrayaan we can’t say that, the idea of Moon base is impossible but still it is not an easy task. The reason behind this is, moon is not such a habitable place for human colonies.

The distance from earth and moon is 384,000km. The day time temperature of moon surface is 127°C  which decreases to -172°C in night, it means both day and night temperature in not suitable for human colonies.

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Some other problems are, absence of oxygen and all most absence of atmosphere, which means we have to survive the dangerous cancer causing radiations from the Sun.

Another strange thing is, moon takes 29 days to complete its one rotation around earth so one moon day is equal to 29 earth days, which means there is day at one side for a very long time near about 2 weeks and same with night.

But  after all these difficulties, scientists are still planning for a moon base, because it will important in future for survival of humans.

Idea of making moon base

This is a strange thing, but actually right now we are lashed with the technology which is important in making moon base, but the only problem is these are very-very expensive techniques.

For understanding, only NASA is spending $11 billion in idea of Moon base. 

Also all the countries are now showing their interests in making of this base. Actually we exploring moon from previous 60 years like, Apollo mission and American lunar satellite reconnaissance mission firstly map the surface of Moon then Chinese lunar robot under the part of chang’e3 moon mission predict the presence of water, ice, metals and other minerals on moon then India’s chandrayan detect the presence of water on moon in form of ice.

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Because moon is not very suitable place of humans so we have to make underground colonies on moon.

We also have the idea for that, according to some researchers, we can make the bricks of volcanic powder which is present on Moon, by doing its sintering which actually increases the bonding between particles of volcanic powder.

After making bricks we can make igloos of that. Another important thing on moon is energy, of course there is no fossil fuels on moon but there is something special and better than fossil fuels. It is Helium 3, which is fuel of nuclear fusion energy and also it is a non polluting fuel.

According to researches, there is nearly 1.1 million metric ton of Helium 3 is present on Moon which is really sufficient for human needs. After all these ideas we can say that life on moon is possible but not easy.

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