yes! NASA discovered life on Mars recently !

yes! There is life on mars

Mars is our closest friends in some aspects. The red planet is an reason of our curiosity in our solar system from ancient times. The red and bright color of mars make it second most brighten object in night after Our moon.

Humans are showing their interests in red planet from hundreds of years.

First time Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli observes Mars with his telescope and becomes the first man to make any map of red planet. He noticed some dark lines, which was river actually are crossing other lines on canals.

This was only the start of human investigation on Mars to find any hint of any kind of life.

Finally NASA is able to find something like fungi, algae and mushrooms shaped beings on the surface of mars.

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Different countries sends their rovers on Mars but the main tasks was done by Chinese and NASA’s rovers.

Rover after rovers was not the waste of money and equipments and finally NASA proved it. NASA’s curiosity and opportunity rovers discover fungi like objects on Mars surface.

Right now NASA hasn’t confirmed that the picture taken by these rover from past three days are actually the pictures of fungi, algae, any type of mushrooms or anything live. But if it is then it will be the greatest discovery on Mars since decades.

NASA already predicted that, if there is any life on Mars then it must be inside the surface of mars and not on surface but this news must excite every space lover.

Dr Regina das of department of microbiology’ the school of life sciences in India says that: "There are no geological or other abiogenic forces on Earth which can produce sedimentary structures, by the hundreds, which have mushroom shapes, stems, stalks, and shed what looks like spores on the surrounding surface.

The surprising fact is, NASA has captured 15 pictures of specimens growing from the ground in three days.

One important thing is, we should not surprise from these discoveries because studies already proved that, there are many living being in our knowledge like, bacteria, viruses, lichens, and many other being have the ability to survive under the conditions like Mars.

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Today we have many proofs about possibility of life on Mars. We have discovered many lost waterways and dry rivers on Mars which prove that, at some time there were also some time of good natural water transport takes place.

We not discover the sign of presence of liquid water on Mars but we also have Discovers the presence of water in liquid form at present time, as we know water is one of the important element for any type of life on any planet.

After the discovery of liquid water, scientists discovered the organic material on Mars and now we may be found any life on the red planet.

After this discovery we can conclude that, we really didn’t have enough knowledge about our closest planet. Mars is still full of mysterious things until we explore it totally.

In future, many countries are sending theirs probes on Mars for future discoveries but everything wouldn’t clear until human lands on the red planet.


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