Does the Jupiter really protect us from destroying?

Does the Jupiter really protect us from destroying?

Does the Jupiter really protect us from destroying?

Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system with having 11 times bigger radius and 513 times more heavier than the earth.  Whatever it's weight is but it’s density is not more than the Earth that is 1.326 g/cm3 and that of Earth is 5.514 g/cm3. Jupiter has such a low density due to being a gas giant. Yes, there is nothing like land is on this giant planet
As we know, the gravity of the Earth is 9.8 m/s2 and this value is known as “g”  and Jupiter experiences the gravitational of 24.79 m/s2 which is equivalent to 2.528 g With, having such a gravitational force Jupiter wears a ring of more than 60 moons and not only holding the ring of moons it also holds the  Asteroid belt that presents between Jupiter and Mars.

Looking at its composition, its atmosphere is mainly composed of Hydrogen 90% Helium 10%. Trace amount of ammonia, methane, water vapour, silicon based compounds, carbon, ethane, oxygen as well as well as benzene and other hydrocarbons are also present.

Core of Jupiter is believed to solid and to be mixture of elements. But, mainly it is composed of Hydrogen 71% , Helium 24%, and 5% of other elements. It's surface temperature is calculated to be 340k (67℃) and its pressure is measured to be 10 bars. The place where Hydrogen turns to be metallic it's temperature turns to be 10,000k and pressure turns to 200 GPa. As it's core is believed to be solid, it posses temperature of 36,000k and pressure of 3,000-4,500 GPa.

As the Jupiter posses such a massive gravitational force, this gives the Jupiter, power to hold the small floating rocks in its gravitational orbit and not let these rocks be pulled by the gravitational force of the sun, and to enter in the inner solar system.

Over the time passes its gravitational force stops mare and more objects near them and this lead to create the ring of rocks around the Jupiter and the objects like that comes with great velocity that going towards the Sun remains in the middle of Jupiter and mars and form Asteroid belt.

Now the question is, does we are protected  by Jupiter?
Well, this question should be answered by theoretical knowledge or the real observations. Here, we will answer this by both the ways.

So, lets see what the theoretical knowledge says about this question. Here we know the fact that Jupiter is very massive as compare to the Earth, and this is because it posses  such a gravitational force.

But, here a question arises about the gravitational force of sun, that how does Jupiter can opposes the gravitational pull of the sun?

So, this is because of the distance of the sun to that of the Asteroid belt is huge as compare to that of the Sun, and we know the force is inversely proportional to the square of distance. And that's why Sun can not apply such a force greater than the Jupiter so that Asteroid can come towards the Sun and remains in its place.

Now it's time to know with observations and calculated knowledge. By this knowledge we will know does Jupiter wholly protect us or not. So, as per observations we will know that Jupiter does not protect us wholly some time some asteroids makes it possible to escape from the asteroid belt. And this results in hitting inner planets or their moons.

Also some asteroids pulled more towards the Jupiter and hits it, this causes a deep hole in Jupiter surface that can be seen in  Jupiter’s surface. Not only on Jupiter this happens also with the planets and moons of inner solar system like Mars and also on our moon.

Black marks that we see on moons surface is the result of these asteroid bombarding and also could be seen on surface of Mars. Not only these but the asteroid that destroyed the whole dynasty of dinosaur was also result of the asteroid bombarding.

Now, the question is does Jupiter protects us or can destroy us?
So, here we can observe that there are just few asteroids inter into inner solar system whereas most of them are being stopped by Jupiter. Also this question can be solved by questioning other one that is,  what would happened if there were no Jupiter present. Here just one answer of this question could be given that is, in that situation all asteroids of asteroid belt were hitting inner planets and their moons. And in that case we can’t imagine any presence of life even there should not be any planet present after this regular bombarding.

So, the conclusion is that Jupiter is like a boon for us and inner solar system as it protects us and it should be the reason for our existence.

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