J0023+0307, a stars which shouldn't exist according to physics!

J0023+0307, a stars which shouldn't exist

J0023+0307, a stars which shouldn't exist

Once again, we found an object in this universe which is challenging our knowledge about this universe. This object is nothing but just a dwarf star but this dwarf star is not so simple as word just. Name of this star is J0023+0307. This star  comes under the criteria of metal poor dwarf star which is really very old and this is a common thing in metal poor stars.

 Today we categories this star under ‘Extremely metal-poor stars’ (EPMOs). These stars can help us to understand the physical and chemical nature of the some of first stars in the universe. This ancient dwarf  star is detected in halo of our milky way galaxy with the distance of more than 7000 light years from us.

Now the question is, what makes J0023+0307 so interesting? Answer is, researchers are unable to find any sign of carbon in this star which make this one of the weird stars ever found. This is not the only weird fact of this star, but another unexpected fact about this star is, it contains lots of lithium, more than any normal star.

Astronomers said that, this star just formed after 300 million years from big bang and just after the death of stars of first generation in the universe. An astronomer from Cambridge University, David aguado said that, the age and high lithium content of this star is interlinked between each other. We can understand this as, when universe was very young the only very light elements were formed like hydrogen and helium and some amount of lithium and beryllium.
According to a hypothesis, these elements are formed by the process of big bang nucleosynthesis.
According to this hypothesis, all the fundamental particles like electrons, protons, neutrons are formed after a explosion from in  singularity and that explosion is termed as big bang.

Later, these fundamental particles create elements which are responsible for giving this universe a perfect shape. By this theory we can guess the age of any star by studying its chemical composition as if any star is formed with heavier elements then it must be a young star as compare to the star formed of lighter elements.

We have discovered 5 to 6 metal-poor stars and J0023+0307  greatest than all in the group. In normal or regular stars 2.5 million kelvin temperature is required for proper nuclear fusion process and at this temperature lithium of the star destroyed.

 In this case, larger stars regain lithium in its outer atmosphere but in case of small stars, they don’t have any lithium. The reason behind the availability of lithium in metal-poor stars is their low light as compare to heavier stars. These stars didn’t get burn out their lithium content which they gain from big bang hence they have abundance of lithium.

These type of stars are pretty helpful for us to understand the process of big bang nucleosynthesis and J0023+0307 also tells that, we are still lacking of knowledge about some processes in universe because these theories and hypothesis didn’t satisfy the reason of existence of such kind of stars like J0023+0307.

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