Parker solar probe is going to crash into the sun!

Parker probe is going to crash into the sun!

Our sun is a giant sphere of hot plasma and gasses. Sun is responsible for life on earth by providing energy on earth in form of light and radiation. Sun is the only and main sequence stars of our solar system with the diameter of 1.39 million km /846, 000 miles which is 330,000 time's the diameter of earth.

Sun is composed of mainly hydrogen and helium and minor amounts of oxygen, carbon, neon and some more. Sun produces its energy by the process of nuclear fusion inside it's core by converting the atoms of hydrogen into helium. Currently, sun is producing 4 billion tons of matter into energy which takes 10,000 to 170,000 years to reach the surface of sun.

These types of interesting fact about the sun increases our curiosity to know more about our star. The study of sun and its chemical composition is really a challenging task for the scientists but scientists  accept that challenges and make some probes to study the chemical composition and nature of sun. Parker probe is one of them.

Parker probe well known as parker solar probe or solar probe+ is a humanless robotic aircraft launched by NASA in 2018 which becomes first object to reach so close to the sun which is 24 million km. This probe was launched to understand the puzzled phenomena of the sun. This probe will reach it's closest approach to the sun in 2025 with the speed of 690,000.

This probe was made and designed by John hopins with the cost of 1.5 billion US$. This solar space probe was launched on 12 August 2018 and right now this is the closest man-made object near sun. The space probe was named as the name of Eugene parker who was a physicists at university of Chicago.

Until now parker is able to protect it's instruments from the fiery radiation of the sun and also successfully reflect most if sun’s radiation. Scientists are expecting that this probe will answer one of the most important question related to sun, why coronal part of sun is 300 times more hotter than its surface? Another unanswered question about the sun is, how the sun is able to produce such an enormous amount of energy in form of solar fares.

Yes, sun is the only source of energy for organisms of earth hence we are very-very lucky to have a star like sun. But this is only one phase of coin, on other phase, sun releases tremendous amount of heat and radiation in space which has sufficiency to destroy any kind of life on earth. But here are some shield provided to the earth by nature like, ozone layer, earth’s magnetic field and its atmosphere. These radiations released by sun have the reason that there was no prove or spaceships before parker to go so ,close to the sun.

NASA scientists didn’t have any idea about, what parker have to face near sun so they add a carbon-composite shell of 4.5 inches to in the parker solar probe which will provide it some security to some known dangers. Another important task of parker solar probe is, to study the structure and dynamics of magnetic fields of solar winds.

In real, we can’t exact any good conditions of any space probe near the sun but shocking fact is, parker solar probe is working better than it was expected. We can only hope that this space probe will alive for few more years and reveals some of the unexpected facts about sun.

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