Scientists discovered stunning truth about Jupiter's origin!

Scientists discovered stunning truth about Jupiter's origin!

Jupiter, the biggest planet of our solar system. This planet is twice as massive as the rest of the solar system planets combined together. Due to being so massive it posses greatest gravitational force among all the planets of the solar system and due to this asteroid belt formed and that’s why it wears 60+ moons and rocky ring.

Apart from this all, this planet is very mysterious. One of its biggest mystery is about it's origin. Yes, we still don’t know clearly about it's origin. But, recently astronomers had figure out it's mysterious origin.

According to current model, this gas giant was formed in outer reach of the system and then migrate inward ending up too close to the Sun. But this model was not very much proper to accept totally. So, astronomers were still working on it to find our acceptable theory about its mysterious origin.

Recently a new research came out to have demystify Jupiters history. According to computer simulation, Jupiter was formed around four times farther out than its current position, that is just inside the Uranus' current orbit. After forming there, it took 700,000 years to reach its current position.

"This is the first time we have proof that Jupiter was formed a long way from the Sun and then migrated to it's current orbit," said Simona Pirani, an astronomer in Sweden.

This research was based on asteroids called Trojans. Trojans are the group of asteroids which share Jupiter’s orbit. It's one group orbits in front of Jupiter while other trails behind, in curve region centring planets Langerhans point. But, we should know that the front group of Trojans contains 50% more asteroids than the behind group. So, this is still remain to find out the cause of such strange imbalance.

Astronomers tested various time frame and even an outward migration pattern and find out that the scenario that results in Trojans population should be only possible if Jupiter started  it's life as planetary seed at 18 astronomical unit from the Sun, and about 4.5 billion years ago. And within 2-3 million years it started to migrate inward and it takes roughly 700,000 years to reach current position of 5.2 Astronomical unit.

As the Jupiter started it's journey to close to the sun, it start drawing Trojans more in front group than in trailing group with it's gravitational force.

As researchers said, at starting point Jupiter was made of rock that would collapse to form planetary core. And that the core of Jupiter is made up of similar chunks of rock that was found in Trojans.

Formation of Jupiter was  a mystery from starting because, a gaseous planet like Jupiter cannot form so close to the Sun due to  such intense gravity, stellar radiation including with heat, and stellar wind. These factors would prevent the gas from staying long together and to being the part of Jupiter.

Although the research done by the team is correct and the study of Trojan asteroids will be very helpful to know more about the Jupiter and specially about its core.

Most important, NASA is planning to launch a probe called Lucy to study Trojans in December 2021, so we have not to wait for a long to know about Jupiter more.

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