Discovery of Edwin Hubble, that had given idea about origin of Universe!

The space isn't expanding with the speed of light, see how!

In 1924, Edwin Hubble tells the whole world that our galaxy is not a single galaxy in this universe, there may be the millions and billions of galaxy in all over the universe.

For nowadays it's not so weird thing actually it's a simple and proved thing of modern day world but at that time Hubble knew that if he has to propose the idea of more than one galaxy than he has to prove that.

For proving his idea Hubble starts measuring the space or distance between two galaxies. When he starts measuring, he gets something more weird, which was "the space between two galaxies are not constant". After remeasuring, he concluded, our universe is expanding and Hubble proves that easily.

Hubble noticed that if we measure the intensity of light coming from a galaxy than that light must loosing it's intensity towards red zone. With the later results, scientists concluded that universe is expanding with more than the speed of light.

But if that's the case then what about relativity?

Actually Einstein's relatively says that if any object having it's own mass can't travel more than the speed of light, But this theory is valid for the objects which have mass and which comes under the influence of space time but this theory is not valid for space itself.

Now, Hubble's measuring is indicating towards something else. Astronomers are still trying to measure the Hubble constant but they are unable to do so. Hubble constant is the speed of expansion of universe. Now scientists are trying to mark Hubble constant but they are getting some weird results as universe is not expanding with the speed of light but it actually depends upon how scientists measure it.

Scientists know that universe is expanding with some speed that's why they are trying to find hubble constant with Verious ways. One method is based on intensity of cosmic microwave background and another method is based on lights from distant galaxies and some methods are based on supernova.

From all of these measurements, results comes out is,that universe is expanding with the 6.67 kilometres per second per megaparsec. According to this value, the rate of expansion is 6.67 kilometres per second faster in every 3.26 million light years.

What is happening , when scientists try to observe farther universe then they found the rate of expansion is much slower than the expansion of closer universe.

After all the calculations of errors, discrepancy is still there. It means scientists needs some other ways to find the exact value of hubble constant. They starts measuring the gravitational waves produced during the collision of two newtron stars.

Scientists believe that they will able to calculate hubble constant by calculating the distance to the collision using gravitational waves of collision and the speed produced by the stars in the gravitational waves during collision.

It seems that, right now we are lacking of some technology and knowledge to calculate this ultimate contant. Another interesting thing which can help scientists to calculate that value is the reason of expansion--Dark energy. The mystery of dark energy is still continuing as we know that there is 74 percent of darkness matter in our universe.

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  1. There are so many theories about the origin of our planet. I am not sure that this discovery will give us a particular answer, though, it was quite informative.