What latest image of black hole tells us?

What latest image of black hole tells us?

Finally! We have the first picture of a real black hole. After all the hard work and dedication with expending lots of money scientists were to take the picture of a supermassive black hole which is getting viral on social media. If you are an astronomy lover than you must have seen that image at least once.

Lots of questions arises with this image, mainly; how astronomers were able to take a picture of a black hole from 55 million light years?

Just think about it, how it sounds to taking a picture of any objects which didn't reflect even light. But team of 200 scientists of 20 different countries just done this challenging task. This image of black hole has been taken by event horizon telescope.

Lets know more about this telescope:

From its name we can guess that it is a special telescope which is made by scientists to capture images of black holes specially as it named on a part of black hole. It is not a big telescope at any particular place on earth but it is a combination of eight different telescope at eight different places of earth and these are ground based radio telescopes combined by international collaboration.

This event horizon telescope provide visualisation as a telescope of earth's size. Making of event horizon telescope is a result of collaboration of different countries of world to explore one of the weird object of universe.

What does the image say?

We have seen numbers of images of black holes created by artists on the basis of theories and predictions before this real one. This image is not very different from those predicted images. We can't expect any better and clear image of any object which reflects no amount of light but still the image clears lots of things. An orange colour of light shaping like a doughnut which surrounds a dark space.

One question arises in mind of many of you which is, if black holes didn't reflect any light then how scientists are able to capturing its images?

The simple answer of the question is, because of hawking's radiation.
This super massive black hole is present in the center of a galaxy named as massier 87 or M87. This black hole is nearly 55 million light years away from and carry a mass equal to 6 billion solar masses.
The image of a black hole is showing that hot plasma is revolving around a circular path due to its ominous gravity. This brighten orange and yellow colour light may be the plasma of stars and planets which are unable to escape from black hole's gravitational pull.

This image also carry a invisible theoretical boundary between light and dark part and that boundary is known as event horizon. Another crazy question in our mind may be, there is a super massive black hole in the center of our own milky way galaxy named as sagittarius A* or sagittarius a star which carry 4.3 million solar mass and distance of 25,000 light years from earth.
This distance is 2,000 times less than the distance of M87's black hole then why scientists didn’t choose this black hole for the photography of first black hole?

The answer is, the black hole of M87 is farther than sagittarius a* but this distance gets cancelled by its size in comparison with sagittarius a*. This black hole of M87 is one of the biggest black hole discovered ever.

After studying this first black hole image, we can say that the idea of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking about Black holes are nearly same from current discoveries. This image will help us a lot to study the most weird object of universe and scientists are trying to increase the quality of the image which will help even more.

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