A paradox in quantum mechanics which proved Einstein wrong !

A paradox in quantum mechanics which proved Einstein wrong !

Neil Bohr and Max Plank are known as father of quantum theory where Albert Einstein propose quantum theory of light.

Today most of the scientists are convinced with quantum theory, after all the predictions done by quantum theory comes out to be true. When quantum theory was proposed in the scientist community, then at that time most of the scientists were not looking convinced with it because of its weird predictions.

Albert Einstein was one of them, to prove quantum theory wrong. Einstein done a thought experiment with his two friends P podolsky and N Rosen. The thought experiment was named as EPR paradox. This experiment give birth to a weird phenomenon named as quantum entanglement.

At the time, when this experiment had been done by Einstein and his team, sufficient equipment’s were not available. That's why they decided to make a thought experiment and because of this, they did not conclude anything experimentally.

After some years, when the sufficient equipment’s were development, then scientists re-test that but this time practically and the conclusion came out was totally against Einstein and his team.
The conclusion tells us that the quantum theory was exactly correct.

In 1920s, two of the greatest scientists were arguing about the fixed reality and superposition state. They were Einstein and Bohr.

According to Einstein, our reality is fixed and it doesn't matter we are observing it or not its state will not change. According to Neil Bohr, the state of anything is not fixed, until we do not observe an particle, it is present in every possible state known as superposition state.

In the superposition state, physical nature of reality does not make any sense. When we observe the quantum particles then their wave function collapsed and one of the possible state comes out. This theory was not capable to satisfy Einstein as he said this theory is incomplete and there should be some local hidden variables present so we can use them to predict everything instead of using wave function.

For proving Bohr's theory wrong Einstein done the experiment "EPR paradox". Word paradox is aligned with it because in the experiment it looks like the information between two particles are travelling more than the speed of light and the phenomenon is termed as quantum entanglement.

The phenomenon of quantum entanglement uses entangled particles. This is a stage of a particle in which quantum particles only exist in combined state so we can't predict state of any one particle without knowing the state of both the particles.

 According to EPR paradox or quantum entanglement, if we have two entangled particles and we have the right information about the state of one of them then we can easily predict the state of other particle.

Here distance between two entangled particles does not matter, means if one particle is present at one end of universe and other particle is present at other end still in this case information will transfer simultaneously. If one particle change its state than the other particle also change its state simultaneously.

Hence we can say that information between two entangled particles travel many times the speed of light and this is the reason why Einstein add word paradox in EPR experiment.

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  1. The great scientist does the great work.

  2. The great scientist does the great work.

  3. NO it does not. There is no way to send information via entanglement therefore no information moves with v>c. There is a "No-communication theroem" in quantum physics and just common sense - when you create entangled particles they have their own state, even if not measured in reality their state is defined (we just dont know what is it due to the statistical uncertainty).

    Do you have proper credentials to write about such a things ? This text worries me...

  4. I believe that last year Chinese scientists did send data via entangled particles from earth to space.

    1. Read the paper or at least some popular explanation. They managed to hold the entanglement over vast distance but did not send any data. They set the entanglement in some precise way but then sent an information via classical channel that if its the same as the "entangled pattern" it means that entanglement held and no one tried to intercept the signal (the quantum one).