Is this universe not real | Are we living in computer simulation?

Are we living in computer simulation?

Are we living in computer simulation?

We are putting so much efforts in research, only to get answer of one question, One big question, who created us. This is the ultimate question for humans since they started thinking about their origin.

Theory of big bang tells about origin of this universe but didn't say anything about what's the actual reason of big bang and we all know that this theory is not perfect and there are many people raising questions against big bang, so the most satisfying theory is also theory under question.

To get the answer of this ultimate question, some philosophers and researchers proposed a hypothesis known as simulation hypothesis. According to this hypothesis our universe is not real  but a program which is running with some codes, like games.

Yes this is sounds like a weird hypothetical concept but this hypothesis has its points and chance of possibilities. For understanding this hypothetical theory its necessary to have some basic knowledge about, how the computer game works.

A Computer game is a software working on some specific codes, this means all the laws of physics can be programed, by using some codes only.
For making a game like real life, developer follow some real life basic principles, which makes game more interesting.

Now if we assume our universe as a programed game then it will be observed that there are some non violating laws in the universe like in the games, like every object get attracted by every other object with gravity.

The philosophers who believe in this theory has give some points to prove it:

Perfection of universe-

why the earth is so favourable for life?

Means earth rotates the Sun by maintaining the distance where the temperature of earth remains suitable for life and this distance is known as habitable zone. 

Another noticeable fact is, if Dark energy would present in stronger way than that write now, then there will be no life on any planet of universe.

Why everything on earth is so logistic about earth? 

It could be possible, that everything about us and about this universe should be coded by some programming just like computer games.

Dual nature of electron-

Young's double slit experiment tells when light passes through a perforated slit then it clearly shows particle nature, as accumulation of photon takes place.
When water is passed through that slit then, it shows wave nature by forming some ripples and wave front just like nature of wave.

In the next experiment when electron is passed though that slit then it shows predicted behaviour which is just like in case of water.

And when this experiment was performed again, then this time scientists were observing it very sensitively and the result of experiment was totally shocking.

Whenever scientists was observing the nature of electron over this experiment then electrons were showing particle nature as it was striking the second slit just like a particle.
It seems like, electrons were knowing that someone is observing him. We can say that reality is creating by our observation just like it happens in games.

In games, we don't have any idea about what's going to happen in next phase or next level but those phases are already programed by someone.

Theory of relativity-

Around a century ago, Einstein proved that the speed of light is a kind of speed limit of universe. That means, any object having mass can't travel with the speed of light.

Theory of relativity also proves that as fast an object travels the time gets slower for it. This phenomenon is known as time dilation.

According to simulation theory, our universe updates itself for observing all conscious bodies. This speed is many time faster than today's computers but these speeds are similar to the frames per second in games.

If The FPS of a game is increased in setting then the game starts lacking or getting slow down. So we can say that if any body is travelling with the speed of light then for that body, updating of the universe stops at that instant.

Quantum entanglement-

we all know that every particle has its own spin just like stars and planets and that spin is known as particle spin. But this is already proved that, this concept of unidirectional spin of particle comes around when we observe any particle and without our observance every particle is present in every possible spin and this state of particle is known as superposition state. 

If we make two particles from one then the spin of particles will be opposite to each other due to law of conservation of momentum. When an observer, starts his observation on any one particle then at the same instant the spin of second particle becomes opposite to each other.

If we separate those two particles with distance of some light years still then, this phenomenon will work as it is and that means the information of a particle is transported with more than the speed of light and this is against the theory of relativity. 

We don't have any answer of this question that how this phenomenon takes place?

According to simulation theory, when two particles entangled with each other then, two systems which are operating those particles combine and works as unity and this means those two particles or pixels can be operate from a single system so information can be transferred with the speed faster than the light.

Presence of computer codes in universe-

Maths is the only weapon to counter the mysteries of universe. Maths can be easily transformed into computer codes and that means, it is possible that we can transform each and everything of universe into computer codes.

Right now we can't do that because we don't have such type of computers but in future, it is not going to remain as a impossible task.

String theory is the only theory which explains about the universe before big bang and after studying this theory scientists find that there are some computer codes which is present in the universe.

Now we can simply assume that if we become capable to make a programed world in future then it is also possible that some civilization has already done it and our universe is just a simulated computer world.

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