Scientists examine the science of teleportation successfully!

Scientists examine the science of teleportation successfully!

Scientists done the science of teleportation successfully!

Today, most of the people have some idea about quantum physics and its weird world. Quantum physics talks about a different world of quantum particles where our physics’ laws stop functioning. Even Einstein wasn't able to understand this weird physics.

Neil Bohr in a interview said "if anyone is saying that he understood quantum physics then either he is lying or he is a fool". In this way we can understand that we can't understand everything about quantum physics but still we can take some ideas and help from it in future.

Quantum teleportation is one of the phenomenon which can help humans a lot in future in different ways.

Quantum teleportation is a process by which information is transmitted from one region of space to any other region with the help of communication and previously shared quantum entanglement between the sending and receiving region of space.

By listening the word teleportation, it seems as any object is teleported from one place to another. But that's not the case with quantum teleportation.

In actual teleportation, an object is dematerialised from one place and materialised at any other place. But in quantum teleportation, rather than teleporting any object, an quantum information is teleported.

After reading this, most of the people will think, in this case why we call it quantum teleportation rather than calling quantum communication.

Well this is because, if we transfer all the information of a particle A in any other particle B than it will seem as whole the particle is teleported because B starts behaving like A and because of this phenomenon we call it quantum teleportation.

Lets take example for understanding this in an easy way. Two friends A and B are separated by any distance. A have a photon named as C and he wants to teleport it at B, so they need a pair of entangled particle D and E.

Because entangled particles are interacting with each other if we get the spin of D is up after measurement then of course the spin of E will be down.

According to superposition principle, D and E is present in both the state up and down until we measure it. For making teleportation successful A will measure C and D in combined state rather than measuring them individually and this type of measurement is known as bell measurement.
After measuring, C starts interacting with D and because D is already interacted with E all the information of C will Move to E through D.

Now all the information of C is transferred to E but B didn't know that so here A have to use some classical communication channel to share some information.

After getting the information B can manipulate the particle E and make it as C. Here, no cloning and no deleting theory applies according to which, we can't copy or delete the information of a quantum particle.

Because of this theory, when the information of quantum particle C is teleported to E then at that instance the quantum particle C will changed into any other particle with any other information.

Now the arisen question is how this phenomenon can help us?

Actually this can make our communication system hacking proof. Lets understand this with same example, when A does the bell measurement of quantum particle C and D then he gets the relation between C and D.

Let the relation comes out is, C is opposite to E and after getting this information he share it with B. Here, if anyone is tapping there phone call then he can't get the sufficient information because A share B that C and D are opposite to each other and after getting this information, B will measure his particle.

After measuring if he gets the spin of particle up then he will understand that the spin  of its entangled particle is down and by this way he will predict that the spin of C is up. After getting this information if B manipulate E than he can make it as C and the state of C has changed already so we can say that the particle C is teleported to B.

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