What happens if you falls into a Black Hole?

What happens if you falls into a Black Hole?

What happens if you falls into a Black Hole?

Around a century ago, Einstein propose his theory of relativity which predicts that, a body of sufficient compact mass can deform that particular region of space-time to form a big deep dig like structure named as black hole.

This body is really interesting for us since after its discovery because the black holes give rise to many hypothetical concepts which can't be possible it’s without existence.

A body with such a huge gravitational pull, that even light can't escape once trapped in its gravitational pull. It was first considered by john Michelle and Pierre- Simon laplace in 18th century.

In 1916, Karl Schwarzschild proved the existence of a region of space-time from where light can't escape (black holes) by solving mathematical calculations of the theory of relativity.

Formation of Black holes

A black hole is formed when a star of about 10 solar mass used up all his fuel or no further hydrogen is remain in that star then, that's the time of death of a star. At this time the size of star increases rapidly and because of this increasing size the balance between the internal pressure and gravitational force produces by star itself decreases. 

When the internal pressure of a star is not sufficient to withstand its own gravitational force than the phenomenon takes place is known as gravitational collapse. In this gravitational collapse, whole mass of star starts composing into a extremely small point and because of such a huge mass per unit area, that point makes a big dig like curved structure in that particular region of space-time and that point is named as point of singularity.

The area where the curve in space-time starts forming a boundary line for other objects is known as event horizon. Once if light entered in event horizon then it also can’t escape from its gravitational pull.

What will happen if a person jump into a black hole?

Just after jumping inside a black hole, we will observe that our field of view is converting into darkness and after a instant, our whole view will converted into darkness and this part of black hole known as photon sphere.
In the region of photon sphere, black hole doesn't let light to escape from it and do not pull them also but in this region light rays orbits the black hole and form a circular ring so when we enters in this region and try to look side ways then the person may see himself because the reflected light from our eye can return back to our eye.

Because of such a huge mass back hole wrap  space along with time so if someone will try to see the man inside the black hole then he will see that the person is going inside the black hole very and very slowly and when the person reaches the event horizon then he will disappear for the outer person.

Things are different for us, the light coming from the universe will transform into a small circle and for how much time this phenomenon will continue is depend on size of black hole.

After entering into the event horizon off course we will be dead because of infinite gravitational pull. After crossing the region of event horizon, there will be a great difference in force of gravity on our head as compare to leg part and because of this variable gravity, our body will open like thread on atomic level and compressed into the singularity.

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