If Aliens are flashing laser beams at us, we now have a way to detect them

If Aliens are flashing laser beams at us, we now have a way to detect them

Researchers are giving their lot of time to search advanced civilisation on planets other than the earth. They are spending lots of economical and technological resources.

But why they are doing so? Do aliens really exist and if then where they are?

Lot of questions like these arises in our mind but we don't have any answer of them. Researchers are just trying to find the answer of these questions. But here another question arises, if aliens really exist then why they are not trying to find us? Are they not interested in us?

May be or may be they are trying to find us or get our attention but we are not able to understand their signals. The extra-terrestrials could be using some other methods to get our attention or to communicate with us.

We know this fact very well that there is no life exists on our nearby planets hence if alien planet is very far from us then they have use any fast way to communicate. Light is the fastest to travel in the universe so it is possible that they are using some kind of laser beams of rays to get our attention.

Breakthrough listen, the most popular Search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) has announced that they will start looking for new signs of alien technology with the help of Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS).

According to Yuri Milner, particle physicists and founder of Breakthrough listen, When it comes to intelligent life beyond Earth, we don't know where it exists or how it communicates. "So our philosophy is to look in as many places, and in as many ways, as we can. VERITAS expands our range of observation even further."

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By using VERITAS, astronomers can even detect the nanosecond flashes of light coming from any far star in night sky. By doing this astronomers can outshine any nearby star and could indicate a method of alien communication.

After setting up VERITAS we will move towards a new section of sensitive signals like fast optical pulses.

Andrew Siemion, the director of Berkeley's SETI Research Centre, said in the statement. "Optical communication has already been used by NASA to transmit high-definition images to Earth from the moon, so there's a reason to believe that an advanced civilization might use a scaled-up version of this technology for interstellar communication."

VERITAS has looked for such laser pulses from the mysteriously dimming Tabby's Star after some had speculated there could be an alien. Breakthrough listen targeted for 1 million stars which are 10 to 100 times closer to earth in comparison with tabby's star hence we can detect them even easier.

The array of four 12-meter optical telescopes is traditionally used to detect gamma rays — high-energy radiation emitted by extreme cosmic objects like exploding stars and even black holes — in the night sky.

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When gamma rays hit Earth's atmosphere, they produce very faint blue flashes of light called Cherenkov radiation, because the particles travel faster than the speed of light through air. So the blue flashes are the light equivalent of a sonic boom.

The telescope array's ability to detect and pinpoint the source of these short-lived blue flashes made it the perfect candidate to search for laser beams from distant stars and galaxies.

It is going to be impressive to see the future discoveries of VERITAS because they are going to related with aliens and extra-terrestrial communication.

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