Most acceptable time travel incidents!

Most acceptable time travel incidents!

Time travel

Off course you! once in your life have must imagine that what should I do if I travel in past and future, right!

The reason behind this is, the time travel is really an intresting phenomenon which could make some impossible things possible. In our society some people believe in time travel and some not, but there are a group of people's who claims that they have experienced time travel.

And we are going to know about some of the most interesting time travel incidents that people claims....

1. John Titor

John Titor first popped up in 1998, claiming he was from a parallel timeline where time travel was invented in 2034 by General Electric.

This story has its origins with oddball late-night radio host Art Bell, which should be an immediate red flag and expanded to include internet message boards circa the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Latter in 2001, he explained his mission was to collect a vintage computer from 1975, needing it to debug computers back in 2036.

In the conversations between Titor and posters on Art Bell Post to Post continue for the next few months.

Titor talks of imminent problems across the world beginning in 2004 – the cancellation of the Olympics, the splitting of the United States into warring factions, an epidemic of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and a series of Russian nuclear strikes in 2015 that devastate all major U.S. cities along with the European Union and China.

His “predictions” about the future mostly failed to come true (like the second American Civil War, circa 2013), and sleuthing around the Titor phenomenon turned up at least one person (nota time traveller) who seemed the likely source of the hoax.

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But no amount of debunking can take away the weird and amazing details of this story; it’s one of the earliest instances of internet folklore, and still one of its most fascinating.

Although, it was never clear that the man who made contact with Bell (via fax) was the same as the man who later took to the internet and built a cult following.

2. Victor Goddard’s Airfield Time Slip

A senior Royal Air Force commander Sir Robert Victor Goddard,  widely known as Victor Goddard, claimed to have experienced a time slip.

In 1935, Goddard flew over what had been the RAF station Drem in Scotland on his way from Edinburgh to Andover, England.

The Drem station was no longer in use; after demobilization efforts following the First World War, it had mostly been left to its own devices. And, indeed, that’s what Goddard said he saw as he flew over it was a largely abandoned airfield.

On his return trip, though, things got weird.
He followed the same route he had on the way there, but during the flight, he got waylaid by a storm.

As he struggled to regain control of his plane, however, he spotted the Drem airfield through a break in the clouds and when he got closer to it, the bad weather suddenly dissipated.

But the airfield wasn’t abandoned this time. It was busy, with several planes on the runway and mechanics scurrying about.

Within seconds, though, the storm reappeared, and Goddard had to fight to keep his plane aloft again. He made it home just fine, and went on to live another 50 years but the incident stuck with him; indeed, in 1975, he wrote a book called Flight Towards Reality which included discussion of the whole thing.

3. The Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain Incident

In 1901, two Englishwomen, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, took a vacation to France. While they were there, they visited the Palace of Versailles.

And while they were at Versailles, they visited what’s known as the Petit Trianon, a little chateau on the palace grounds that Louis XVI gave to Marie Antoinette as a private space for her to hang out and do whatever it was that a teenaged queen did when she was relaxing back then.

But while they were there, they claimed, they saw some odd occurrences. They said they spotted people wearing anachronistic clothing, heard mysterious voices, and saw buildings and other structures that were no longer present and, indeed, hadn’t existed since the late 1700s.

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Finally, they said, they caught sight of Marie Antoinette herself, drawing in a sketchbook.

They claimed to have fallen into a “time slip” like (Royal Air Force commander Sir Robert Victor Goddard)  and been briefly transported back more than 100 years before being jolted back to the present by a tour guide.

Did they really travel back in time? Probably not; various explanations include everything from a folie a deux (basically a joint delusion) to a simple misinterpretation of what they actually saw.

But for what it’s worth, in 191 roughly 10 years after what they said they had experienced occurred — the two women published a book about the whole thing under the names Elizabeth Morison and Frances Lamont simply called An Adventure. These days, it’s available as The Ghosts of Trianon.

4. The Hipster Time Traveller

In the early 2010s, a photograph depicting the 1941 reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia in Canada went viral for seemingly depicting a man that looked just a bit too modern to have been photographed in 1941.

The man looks, in fact, like a time traveling hipster with a Graphic t-shirt, textured sweater, sunglasses, the works.

The photo hadn’t been manipulated; the original can be seen above. So what the heck was going on?

Well, Snopes has plenty of reasonable explanations for the man’s appearance; each item he’s wearing, for example, could very easily have been acquired in 1941.

Others have also backed up those facts. But the bottom line is that it’s never been definitively debunked, so the idea that this photograph could depict a man from our time who had travelled back to 1941 persists. What do you think?

5. Project Pegasus And The Chrononauts

In 2011, Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings claimed that they were former “chrononauts” who had worked with an alleged DARPA program called Project Pegasus.

Project Pegasus, they said, had been developed in the 1970s. In 1980, they were taking a “Mars training class” at a community college in California (the college presumably functioning as a cover for the alleged program) when they were picked to go to Mars.

And when asked about mode of transport then they replied ‘Teleportation'.

It gets better, too. Basiago and Stillings also said that the then-19-year-old Barack Obama, whom they claimed was going by the name “Barry Soetero” at the time, was also one of the students chosen to go to Mars. They said the teleportation occurred via something called a “jump room.”

The White House has denied that Obama has ever been to Mars. “Only if you count watching Marvin the Martian,” Tommy Vietor, then the spokesman for the National Security Council, told Wired’s Danger Room in 2012.

Although I'm fairly certain that these accounts and stories are either misinterpreted information or straight-up falsehoods, or may be correct but they're still entertaining to read about; after all, if you had access to a time machine, wouldn't you at least want to take it for a spin?

Here's hoping that one day, science takes the idea from theory to reality. It's a big ol' universe out there.

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