"The great void" | The largest and most suspicious empty space in the Universe

"The great void" | The largest and most suspicious empty space in the Universe

Our universe is extremely big, bigger than our consciousness. Researchers still aren't able to see whole universe as they have been able to se a limited area of universe known as observable universe.

Now the fact is, our observable universe also covers a tremendous area of 46.508 billion light years with density of objects.

These objects are stars, planets, galaxies or Space dust which make universe a filled and compacted space.

Now, let's imagine if you are travelling in universe with the speed of light (hypothetical in present time) and watching millions of stars, planets and moons passing in front of you.

Suddenly you see a black area in universe which is totally black and cold and of course it is not a black hole because black hole is not totally black.

After entering in this black area you aren't able to see anything because there is nothing and you are hoping that this void is going to end now, but actually it will never end in your life even speed of light is along with you.

This void is Bootes void (also called 'The great void') which is spread in the region of 1.8 billion light years. Our universe is full of voids.

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Now, take some look at 'what actually a void is' :-

* A void is a region of space time where matter lacks and in case of some void dark matter also.

* Void is not totally empty space in universe, it contains some galaxies but in very less amount than usual.

* The temperature of voids is extremely low(0.00027 degree Fahrenheit in case of great void). background.

In 1965, two researchers, Arno penzias and robert wilson were viewing the space with their radio telescope, suddenly their radio telescope starts receiving a special microwave signals which should not come according to two of them.

They do not have any idea about the fact that they accidentally discovered cosmic microwave background which is going to prove the big bang theory of George Gamow and Georges Lemaitre.

This discovery not only gave us the proof of big bang but with its help we also got to see a big hole in our universe. Cosmic microwave background radiation is actually the oldest electromagnetic radiation surrounds us.

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In 2001, NASA launched Milkinson microwave Anisotropy probe (WMAP spacecraft) for detail study of cosmic microwave background radiation. After the mission of more than 9 years this spacecraft provided the clear map of cosmic microwave background radiation which is actually the of ancient universe.

Simply we can say that the map of Cosmic microwave background is a temperature anisotropy or temperature difference in universe.

The average temperature of cosmic microwave background is - 2.725K where the hot region are shown by red colour and colder region are with blue colours and the temperature difference between these two regions is 0.0002K which shows the sensitiveness of WMAP.

In this map, the hotter regions contain more amount of matter than colder regions, hence in present time there more galaxies will be present respectively.

During the study of cosmic microwave background scientists were observed something weird, they observed a large area where negligible matter is present. And this is the discovery of bootes void.

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The String Theory!

Scientist named this spot "CMB cold spot" because this spot is colder than 0.00007K than normal temperature. Firstly scientists take it as a error in measurement but after re-confirmation scientists also starts believing that this is a void.

It is impossible for us to see this void with any Telescope because this void is 70 billion light years away from us in bootes constellation.

This void is not totally empty, researchers have found 60 galaxies in bootes void but the fact is this is negligible number in comparison with normal areas of universe. It should contain minimum 2000 galaxies.

After the discovery of this void some scientists propose their ideas and theories about this void. Some says this is a hole in our universe from where all the matter escaped our from our universe to any other one.

Some says this void formed due to the collision between two universes hence it promotes the theory of multiverse and it also sounds quite interesting.

Many other theories related to the great void is present but we can't confirm any of until we will able see it.

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