NASA found organic material on Saturn's moon Enceladus!

On the basis of images and data collected by NASA's Cassini mission, scientists from USA and Germany proposed a paper, in which they proposed that Saturn's moon Enceladus have same organic molecules and which were responsible for life on earth.

In search for life in this universe, now a moon of Saturn named as Enceladus attracted the attention of scientists towards itself. For searching life, scientists tries to detect the same  molecules which were present on earth when life starts originating here.

Enceladus is the sixth largest moon of Saturn of diameter of 500 km which is actually ten times smaller than Titan which is the largest moon of Saturn. Enceladus is the most reflective heavenly body in our solar system due to the clean ice present over it's surface.

NASA has collected some data with the help of image collected by Cassini spacecraft which ends on September 15, 2017. On the basis of this data, scientists of USA and Germany has confirmed that they have detected some kind of organic molecules which can play a role of precursor molecule of life.

The elements were found to be nitrogen- and oxygen-bearing organic compounds and they are quite abundant in Enceladus.

The shocking fact is, new molecules are nothing but the ingredients of amino acids whose capability is known to everyone.
The research paper, published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, says that they could be the ideal precursors for the synthesis of 'biologically relevant organic compounds in the warm depths of Enceladus' ocean'.

The similar components are part of the chemical reactions on earth which produces amino acids, the building blocks of life. The materials ejected form core of Enceladus after mixing with it's subsurface water and released in space in form of ice grains and water vapour.

Scientists are predicting that these hydrothermal vents on the ocean surface leads to provide the energy which fuels chemical reaction. This supply of energy leads to formation on amino acids.

"If the conditions are right, these molecules coming from the deep ocean of Enceladus could be on the same reaction pathway as we see here on Earth. We don't yet know if amino acids are needed for life beyond Earth, but finding the molecules that form amino acids is an important piece of the puzzle," said Nozair Khawaja, who led the research team of the Free University of Berlin.

Actually scientists has detected the organic material in the ice grains releases by Enceladus and they are using CDA's mass spectrometer measurement to determine the composition of organic material in the grains.

These organic molecules are firstly dissolved in the ocean of Enceladus from where they get evaporated and starts floating in the space and NASA’s Cassini has that CDA's mass spectrometer which detect those organic molecules just before condensing into ice form.

This discovery clearly proves that enceladus have a reactive ocean where there a great probability of finding of any other type of life relevant compounds or molecules or even there is a chance that we will able to detect some kind of microbial life on enceladus.

There are many probability related to microbial life or organic molecules but from above discovery, it is clear that enceladus is one of those celestial bodies near us where life may be originating.

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  1. Latest discovery of water on Mars and now organic materials on the moon of Jupiter. I hope we will be able to contact some aliens soon.

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