Does big bang really happens

Big Bang

Big bang

From the name we can guess that this is about something like explosion. This is not the usual explosion. According to scientific researches, Big Bang was an explosion which creates everything. Many people support Big Bang Theory and many opposes this. Let's know about this topic in detail.

                 What Big Bang Theory tells?

 According to this theory, before 13.8 billion years ago, everything is concentrated in a single point and the size of point is less then a atom and that point is known as point of singularity. At that time nothing exists and it means, no space, no time and nothing, only singularity exist. In a single point everything is concentrated, every energy that we can see today, wide space and everything.

Because of such a dense mass and energy that point is totally unstable and explosion takes place in it and that explosion is the thing what we called Big Bang today. That explosion creates universe. After fraction of a second after Big Bang( ten to the power - 34 sec after Big Bang) the cosmic inflation takes place and suddenly it ends ( when our universe was 10 to the power -32sec old). In such a small period of time, the size of our universe increases 10 to the power 26 times. This theory also says that the every single energy, space, time, masses, and everything comes in role because of Big Bang.

Hence, Big Bang is the most widely expectable theory in science. But still many people says that Big Bang is fake or just a hypothetical idea. Lets take a view on this.

                Against the Big Bang Theory 

Most of the scientists are accepting the big Bang Theory but many of them are standing against this theory. The peoples who are against Big Bang are raising some questions on this theory:

 1. Violating energy conservation principle:- according to Big Bang Theory the temperature, mass, Energy and density of the singularity is infinite. After Big Bang the space comes into play and everything and every fundamental unit becomes finite, so when we observe this here, the principle of conservation of energy is violating.

 2. This is impossible to whole universe is concentrated at single point: according to Big Bang, the temperature of singularity was infinite and as we know if any body is gaining temperature then it is gaining energy. If the temperature of a body is raising then the vibration of the particles inside body also increases and as we know the temperature of singularity was infinite so vibration of its particle also should be infinite, but there was no space so where those particles were vibrates? The vibration of so many particles is not possible in a point.

 3. How no space: according to Big Bang Theory, everything is concentrated in singularity and there was no space, no time and nothing. But the point of singularity also needs a space of a single point which was not present, so where was that singularity present.

 4. How no time: according to Big Bang Theory, time also didn't exist and we all ready know that the particles are vibrating in singularity it means particles are in motion and Motion needs time.

              In favour of big Bang Theory

 1. The proof of big Bang is present everywhere in the form of cosmic microwave background in this universe.

 2. Today we know that our universe is expanding with a great speed, so if we look back in time then at one time we will find that everything is concentrated in a small point which has a infinite temperature.

We can't understand big Bang Theory with these points but we need a better theory to understand this.

                     Eternal inflation theory

Big bang

Inflation theory was first proposed by Alan guth. Inflation is the time when the size our universe increases 10 to the power 26 times. This is a small unit of time. Today we have 15 different kinds of inflation theory and one of most acceptable of them in eternal inflation theory.Today we know that, if we say any space is empty/vacuum then it is false. Actually vacuum is also a physical object which have it's own energy density and pressure. The reason of inflation is gravitational repulsion which creates because of a unstable entity named as false vacuum.

Let's understand false and true vacuum. Everything in this universe has its own energy level, higher energy level means greater amount of energy in that particular system and lower energy level means less energy in that particular system. Everything in this universe follows the concept of stability which means everything in this universe tries to remain at lowest energy level.  In quantum mechanics we learn that the property of universe is originated from quantum field. It means, from quantum field, any particle gets a information and that information decides that how they are going to interact with other particles. The quantum fields tries to remains in lower energy field which is called vacuum state.

In some circumstances, they enters in meta stable state which is a period of a unstable state which remains for a long term. From this state they can't reached to vacuum state so the can't loose energy therefore false quantum fields like hikes field carry a large amount of energy inside itself and those type of field is known as false vacuum. False vacuum is unstable and because of extreme density their gravitational force becomes repulsive rather than attractive.

The gravitational force in false vacuum is a powerful force because of  such a huge density and that force forces space near around itself to expand. That expansion is not linear but it is exponential. False vacuum is unstable so it loose energy randomly and decay in random patches.Because of decay these patches were in lower energy state than before so the rate of inflation in these patches decreases. These low vacuum energy regions form microscopic energy bubbles which starts expanding and their size increases from plank size to bigger than the size of our observable universe.

The interior of these bubbles are new local big bang and in every bubbles like these a new universe created which expands with time and these bubbles are called multiverse. From inside it looks like as the universe as we see today but from outside it seems like a black hole.  Inflation Theory not only talk about universe but it talks about multiverse which is expanding with a great speed ( more than the speed of light). If still there is any questions in our Mind then we need to find the exact position of electron to answer that.

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