"Time travel" a possible phenomenon!

"Time travel" a possible phenomenon

Time travel

Whenever we made any mistake in our life, we think that, if I have another chance to do this thing from better way then the world will be better from now.
Time travel is only thing/phenomenon which can give us a chance to go in past and change the past for a better future and time travel also gives a chance to go in future and see what’s going to happen in the future. In other words time travel is a miracle which can change this world into a perfect world, time travel give rise of every possibility. 
Lots of questions rises in our mind which is related to time travel like, is time travel possible? And if it is then why we are still unable to do that?
If time travel is possible then why future humans didn't came to us by travelling in past.? Let's try to find answers of some of these questions.

Why people think time travel is just hypothesis

Time travel

Everyone is excited about time travel but some of us thinks that, time travel is only possible in movies and cartoons. Every man who stands against time travel has some questions about it, some of them are:

 1.    If time travel is possible then why we still doesn't meet with future's humans? It means if time travel is possible then why future's humans didn't came to us by travelling in past.
 2. According to Einstein, any body which have any mass, can't travel with the speed of light and without travelling with the speed of light we can't do any time travel.

 3. Grandfather paradox: it means if a person travel back in past and kill his grandfather before his marriage and return to his original time then a question arises. If his grandfather was killed then how his father born and also how he born. This is known as grandfather paradox.

Ways by which time travel should be possible

1. Travelling at speed of light

Time travel
you must have heard that, if we travel with the speed of light then time will slows down for us. Let's understand with a example. Let's assume two man ‘A’ and ‘B’ ,where ‘A’ is an astronaut and ‘B’ is doctor. After some time, ‘A' have to go in a space mission with a advance spaceship which can travel near speed of light. ‘A' moved for his mission in space with almost speed of light for 1 long year. After a year when ‘A’ backs to earth and meet ‘B’ then he finds that his ‘B’ is almost 60 year older than before.

It means when ‘A' is travelling in space for a year with nearer to the speed of light then his one year is nearly equal to 60 years of earth, this concept is called time dilation. Hence, we can say that ‘A’ travels in future, almost 60 years.
Here the problem with this technique is, we are still unable to make any ships or aircraft which can travel nearly at the speed of light.

2. By black holes

Time travel
we must know, time is not absolute ( which is said by Newton) but it is relative. It means time is not moving with the equal speed in this universe it is effected by mass and gravity exerted by mass. Hence, we can say that, the time slows down near the heavy mass which exerts great gravitational force.

It means, time on Jupiter moves slower than the time of earth, but this difference is very small so we need a object which is more than 100,000 times the mass of Jupiter. These objects are known as black hole. Black holes are the object with the ultimate gravity and mass which warp space-time more than any other body do in the universe. There are two ways by which we can do time travel with the help of black holes.

The first one is, we have to live on a planet near to black holes for some years. For example, if a person live 10 years on a planet near to black hole and return to earth then 20 years passes on earth which means that person is in 10 years future.

In Second method, we have to rotate at the outer edge of event horizon of a black hole. Here we must know, event horizon is on out zone of a black hole so we have to rotate near the event horizon for 10 years and return to earth. Again, it is 20 years for earth and we feel time travel.
But the problem in this theory is, the nearest black hole from us is 1600 light years away from us, which means light will take 1600 years to reach there.
Here the question is, will we ever be able to do time travel or not, will we able to make a spacecraft which can travel nearly at the speed of light or will we able to reach a black hole.

Here are many more methods of time travel that we will discuss later in detail.

Now answer of the above asked questions, if time travel is possible then why future humans didn't came to us by travelling in past?

Answer is, if future humans are able to make any spacecraft which can travel with the speed of light which means they are very developed and we should know that the percentage of destruction of a developed society is very high so may be they destroy themselves and should be more another reasons than we normally think about.

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  1. Future humans have evolved bodies they upgraded to invisible bodies they are always checking on us. We are living in the present past and future.

  2. ...il mio presente fa cagare!

  3. It is not time that slows down, but processes, time travel is impossible because time moves inside you, and not you in it

  4. Time travel is possible theoretically if u hv the power of a mini sun. But only if you can travel faster than light and not cause the butterfly effect.

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