24 Feb 2019

Time travel in past is possible or not?

Time travel in past is possible or not?Time travel in past is possible or not?

Time travel one of the most debating and interesting topic of our time. There are lot of  theories and hypothesis are given by different scientists. And also there are lot of movies, dramas, comics, stories and books based on time travel are available that makes time travel more interesting.

Now, what if I say, we are experiencing time travel every day?

I know many of you will not agree with me and will say this is not possible. But, actually it is true that we are experiencing and also are witness of time travel, and it also relates to theory of relativity, let me explain....

We all know our artificial satellites revolves us around the distance of 20,000 KMs, so the gravitational pull of Earth makes very less effect on satellites compare to on the surface of Earth. This resulting the satellite clock to move faster to the clock present on the Earth. And this is how this phenomenon evidences the theory of relativity. Not only satellites but also the astronauts in spaceship and on space stations are going through this phenomenon. So we can simply call them space travellers as well as time travellers.
Time travel in past is possible or not?

But, when we think about time travel we remember those scene’s from the movies in which we see them travelling few years forward or backward in time. Here, if we take look on theories on time travel all says future travel is possible. And we know that one who knows about time travel agrees with the fact of future travel.

But what about the past travel, does any theory or possibility exists regarding the fact of time travel in past? And we know if there will be any possibility on it then different paradoxes will come to resist it ,i.e., grandfather paradox, etc. But apart from knowing this all we are still interested to find something that makes it possible.
So lets find out these possibilities.........

Why we think time travel in past is not possible?

About time we all knows and realise that it moves in just one direction. As from past to present and from present to future and not any person have control over it and no one can stop it.

And it also fits with the theory of relativity that time flows in only one direction that is future. If time followed the other way then people should know there future as they know their past, but it is not so.
But what if somebody wants to make time machine that goes to past. In that case he has to involve exotic gateway called wormholes, or to create some frictional surrounding gateway using technology that is not yet available to the science.

Time travel through worm holes

The idea of making time machine and to travel into the past through it, as what we see in movies and in comics or books is likely the dream stuff. But, our astrophysicist given us a possible pathway by harnessing the power of black hole to venture space time.
Time travel through worm holes

Now find out , how it works?

According to general relativity a rotating black hole could create a worm hole that is a hypothetical link between two points of space time or even two points in different universe. But, here the problem is with black holes because they are  unstable and un-transversal  and also we have not any physical proof of any worm holes till now.
But through theoretical physics still there is hope of worm hole and we are trying to predict that what would happen inside the worm hole. And also even now we have not enough improved technology to make spaceship that could survive in the black hole.

Warning of worm hole!

Warning of worm hole!

If anyhow we make it possible then still there are some more problems to face, and one of them is “where will be the another end of worm hole open?”
Yes, we know about the ends of worm hole but we don’t know where does the other end will open or where we will teleported by it.
It would be anywhere like it would be any other planet, moon or even on the surface of any star or in a empty space or even in another universe. We even can’t guess where worm hole can teleport us, it could be in another timeframe would be in future or even in past.
And even we make it land anywhere safely then here we don’t know, would we come back to earth or not or will be travelling from one point to another point in the universe or even in multiverse or even in different time period.

Issue of paradoxes in past travel

Time machine

Even we make it possible to travel in past then paradoxical issue is still a problem. That is what if i go to the past and kill my grandfather before marriage then how i m here or if i go to the past and kill Hitler will the whole history changed.
But here it is not a big deal because here it is solved by the theory of multi-universe. This theory says if we make it possible to travel in past then we will not be traveling in our universe it would be another universe and any change in past will make change in our universe.

So, time travel in past is possible or not?

Yes, it is possible if we analyse it on theories and hypothesis that we have. And we can say it is not possible if we see it regarding the present technologies that are currently present. As we know technologies are improving very fast so we can consider the time travel in past as a possible phenomenon.

23 Feb 2019

Why should alien exist?

Why should alien exist?

In today’s life, we must think about topics which are related to alien or advanced life on planets other than Earth. Alien life is an interesting and possible thing which is thought about by us in our day to day life. 

We have watched aliens in movies and read about them in books and comics, but the reality is, we haven’t found any alien life on any planet in the universe. This is the reason, why some part of society thinks aliens exist just in our mind only.

Now the question is, why we think that alien life does exist in this universe?

Answer is very simple, here is nothing special on this earth which can’t exist on any other planet. Today we are spending a huge amount of time and money to know the answer of this question, is aliens exist in this universe or not?

We are using very high power telescopes to find something, even out of our solar system or far from our solar system. Actually we have found  earth like planets in this universe but not one but many.


 Exoplanets founded by Kepler and other telescopes

In 2013, astronomers gives a report on basis of Kepler space mission, in that report astronomers mentioned that, there is more than 38billion earth like Exoplanets rotating in habitable zone of their star and this is the report of our milky way galaxy only. This report raise the percentage of alien life in this universe.

We have found 7 planets orbiting their star ‘Trappist 1’ and extraordinary thing is, all these 7 planets comes under ‘’habitable zone’’- if water is present in liquid state on any planet then that planet is consider under habitable zone.
Mainly three planets are considered in habitable zone but distance between these planet is very less as compare to distance between two planets in our solar system. Finally in 2018, researchers described that “Trappist e” is the most habitable planet among all of them.

May be alien life exist in advanced or may be in microbial form in these planets. Again the barrier between these planets and us is distance, which is nearly 40 light years from sun. 
We are trying to find some sign of microbial life in our own solar systems on some planets and moons of some planets. 

Possibility of microbial life on ‘Titan’

Titan is the largest and sixth moon of Saturn. Titan is very much colder than earth so water didn’t found in liquid state permanently. But there is a numbers of lakes and seas of methane and ethane do exist on titan and scientists are predicting that, may be there is some kind of microbial life present in those lakes and seas which is different from earth microbes.

The another reason for this kind of prediction is, we have found huge amount of carbon molecules in tough atmosphere of titan. 

Possibility of microbial life on ‘Enceladus’

Enceladus is a icy moon of Saturn, where astronomers are trying to find some sign of life. The outer crust surface is totally covered with ice and inside that ice oceans may be present. Researchers propose that, here are some bacteria on earth which can survive under the conditions of Enceladus.

Researchers have found some hydrothermal reactions in oceans of Enceladus which is keep producing dihydrogen. The hypothesis is, the bacterial life on Enceladus may be breaking hydrogen molecule and fuses it with carbon dioxide and form methane as a product which is the most abundant substance on Enceladus found in Cassini mission. 

Possibility of alien life on Mars in past and microbial life in present

Actually humans are predicting about life on mars from when they were only able to see it in night sky. In night sky it is the 2nd most brighten object after our moon, it looks like dark and red in colour that’s why ancient people get frightened from Mars because they think that is a symbol of blood and war.

Actually name Mars is given by Romans, they named this planet on the name of their God of war Mars. Today many people believe that, in past there was some kind of life on Mars which destroyed themselves in a war and that’s why ancient people were get frightened from this planet. Actually we have some proof of life on Mars from past in form of a human face sculpture and alignment of three old mountain like objects same as alignment of pyramids of Giza.

Today we have successfully found liquid water and some organic material on Mars which is the sign of life. Life mainly needs, water in liquid form, carbon, organic material and atmosphere.

Mars don’t have it’s atmosphere that’s why some people still thinks life do not exist on Mars. Now the question is if life do not exist on Mars the what’s that face sculpture and pyramid of Giza is indicating towards Mars again and again.

2 Feb 2019

Our sun

Our sun


There are infinite no. of galaxies are present  in this universe and inside those galaxies millions of stars are present. Those stars were mainly forms in nebula. These stars form their solar system due to their high gravitational force. Our Sun is also A Star like them. Today,  when we felt cool then we walks to sunlight, but we don't have enough time to think about that light coming from the sun which gives us energy. If we tries to think then some questions will arise in our minds like, how sun is able to produce such a huge amount of light in every second, what is the past and  future of sun etc.

                   Physical factors of sun

Let’s know about physical features of sun:-
Solar system

1.  Sun is composed of 73.44% of hydrogen, 24.58% of helium and other gasses.
 2. Our Sun is nearly 4.6 billion years old.
 3. The sun converts 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium every second
 4. Diameter of sun is nearly 110 times diameter of earth.
 5.   Sun's future life is nearly going to be equal to its past life ( 5 billion years).

          How much we know about sun

Actually, Sun is the biggest power of our solar system. Yes, it is a small star in comparison to other bigger stars of the universe but it is still very-very big for us and our earth. On the surface of sun fearsome explosions takes place and energy releases in space.
Sun contains 99% of the matter of our solar system or more than that and the rest percentage forms the whole solar system.
Internal structure of sun
Sun is the only star in our solar system, which is surrounded by planets, natural satellites and asteroids.
Well, we all know that the sun is source of heat as well as energy because it's surface temperature is more than 50000 degree Celsius. It produces 380,000,000,000,000,000 mega watt energy every second which is more than the energy produces by humans in their history. Before a century, scientist didn't know that what is the source of sun's energy, how sun is keep producing such a huge amount of energy every second and it's fuel is not getting finish.
Now days, we know that the source of sun's energy is nuclear fusion takes place in core of sun. In core, hydrogen atoms fuses in helium atom and such a huge amount of energy releases by sun.

The sunlight which reaches to us is a product of nuclear fusion. Actually when hydrogen fused into helium then some energy releases in form of photons. These photos takes millions of years to reach to the surface of sun and then on earth.
Life on earth is only possible because of sun and it's light.