Our sun

Our sun


There are infinite no. of galaxies are present  in this universe and inside those galaxies millions of stars are present. Those stars were mainly forms in nebula. These stars form their solar system due to their high gravitational force. Our Sun is also A Star like them. Today,  when we felt cool then we walks to sunlight, but we don't have enough time to think about that light coming from the sun which gives us energy. If we tries to think then some questions will arise in our minds like, how sun is able to produce such a huge amount of light in every second, what is the past and  future of sun etc.

                   Physical factors of sun

Let’s know about physical features of sun:-
Solar system

1.  Sun is composed of 73.44% of hydrogen, 24.58% of helium and other gasses.
 2. Our Sun is nearly 4.6 billion years old.
 3. The sun converts 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium every second
 4. Diameter of sun is nearly 110 times diameter of earth.
 5.   Sun's future life is nearly going to be equal to its past life ( 5 billion years).

          How much we know about sun

Actually, Sun is the biggest power of our solar system. Yes, it is a small star in comparison to other bigger stars of the universe but it is still very-very big for us and our earth. On the surface of sun fearsome explosions takes place and energy releases in space.
Sun contains 99% of the matter of our solar system or more than that and the rest percentage forms the whole solar system.
Internal structure of sun
Sun is the only star in our solar system, which is surrounded by planets, natural satellites and asteroids.
Well, we all know that the sun is source of heat as well as energy because it's surface temperature is more than 50000 degree Celsius. It produces 380,000,000,000,000,000 mega watt energy every second which is more than the energy produces by humans in their history. Before a century, scientist didn't know that what is the source of sun's energy, how sun is keep producing such a huge amount of energy every second and it's fuel is not getting finish.
Now days, we know that the source of sun's energy is nuclear fusion takes place in core of sun. In core, hydrogen atoms fuses in helium atom and such a huge amount of energy releases by sun.

The sunlight which reaches to us is a product of nuclear fusion. Actually when hydrogen fused into helium then some energy releases in form of photons. These photos takes millions of years to reach to the surface of sun and then on earth.
Life on earth is only possible because of sun and it's light.

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  1. The Sun God is always Supreme and God of our lives