“HD 140283” a star older than the Universe

 “HD 140283” a star older than the Universe

HD 140283” a star older than the Universe

Age of this infinitely spreaded universe is about 13.8 billon years. As we know this universe was created after a big explosion which is known as big bang. And this big bang theory is most acceptable theory for origin of this giant universe.

After the big bang every thing came into existence. Firstly sub atoms like electron, proton, etc were formed. Then the gas and dust cloud formed and after that the stars and planets came to existence. But the stars came into existence after about 1 billion years and now you can think about the age of planets and moons.

But, is it possible for a star or a planet to be older than the universe?
Probably you will say not because everything came to existence after big bang but it is just a theory and we don’t know it should be possible or not.

Here we have discovered a star whose age is estimated to be older than the universe. Yes, it sounds crazy. So,  know more about this crazy star......

Star “HD 140283” or Methuselah star

It is named as Methuselah due to its age which is observed older than the universe. Methuselah is about 190 light years far from us in milkyway galaxy and is present in constellation Libra specifically towards Ophiuchus constellation.
HD 140283 is known by astronomers from 100 years as high velocity star which moves with the speed of 800,000 mph(1.3million km/h) and it covers the width of full moon in the sky in every 1,500 years, said researchers.
HD 140283” a star older than the Universe

As earlier age of HD 140283 was calculated to be 16 billions, but later after further studies the refined the age near to 14 billions with errors plus minus 800 million years which is not possible according to our model of universe that’s why this star become a mystery for astronomers and let them to study more about it.

If we ignore the error plus minus age then we find HD 140283 is 0.7 billion years older than the universe. But, still after regarding the error age the problem not solves. Even by setting the errors, the HD 140283 is now 150 million younger then the universe but according to model of universe this is not the proper time for stars to born.


Even we try to conclude HD 140283 to be the first generation star which was formed after few hundred million years after big bang but they all were died in explosion (supernovae) after just few million year and after this second generation stars were formed. And scientists had already conformed it to be a second generation star.

As much we know, all that we estimate about the phenomenon in the universe is model dependent that is formed by us. If one changes the model this all could change. It should be possible that the age of universe is not that we know it should be different in actual. And this should be also possible that we are not able to calculate the actual age of HD 140283 with our current technique of calculation of age of celestial bodies them.

The age of HD 140282 (Methuselah) star must still be determined and the object offers the great change  to push science in a new, unknown direction.

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  1. The English in this article reads like machine translation.

  2. How do we know for certain this star did not Supernova and is just a regular star? I have no idea what I am talking about. If it is true, the news is amazing.

  3. Could be our universe bumped into an older universe like to vanilla ice cream cones with different color sprinkles and just traded?