what exist before nothing?

what exist before nothing?

Big bang was the event which created everything we can see, touch, feel etc. Actually that was the starting of everything, and this really meant everything space, time, sound, light, atoms, electrons, etc.

Calculated predictions says that, the event of big bang takes place 13.8 billion years before. Here are some groups who still stands against big bang theory by raising some questions on it  and some of the questions  like:

1. According to our experience we can say that, something can't come from nothing, so how big bang creates everything.

2. If space didn't exist before big bang then where that point of singularity lie,a point also need a point space.

3. We all know that any blast can't happen without random movements of small particles inside any particles, so if there was no time and space before big bang than how any type of motion is possible.

There are many more points against big bang but we are not going to discuss all of them. Big bang theory is totally surrounded by questions but still it is the most acceptable theory in scientist community because this theory answers more question than any other theory.

We don't have any other theory which can explain the start of everything as big bang.

But here one question rises, what exists before big bang?

If we try to think about this question then an answer comes out as, there was nothing before big bang even that 'what' in the question also comes in existence after big bang.

From this perspective we can say that, there was nothing before big bang. But according to Stephen hawking, big bang theory is absolutely right, as he says in one of his interview; If we rewind the remote of universe then we will able to see that everything is going to compress in a point known as singularity.

Inside this ultimate point of heat, temperature and density all of our physics's laws stop functioning.
The immortal time also comes in existence after universe start expanding hence our rewinding will not answer that from where that point of singularity comes in existence.

Same type of question was asked by St. Augustin before 1,600 years in past , what exist before God created this universe?

Augustin finds answer in Bible phrase "In the beginning" God created nothing before big bang so there was nothing before God. Augustin argued with the answer that we are not the creation of any God but the time and space creates itself simultaneously.

In 20th century Albert Einstein proved that time is not fixed but it is relative to mass by proposing his general theory of relativity. In his theory Einstein says that, body of heavy masses warps space time by decreasing the rate of time flow in nearby space.

Which means time in a satellite differ from time on earth but with a very low magnitude. Based on this theory one of the scientists of Balgium, Rev Georges Lemaitre  propose a paper in 1927 in which he says, universe comes in existence because of a blast takes place in a point of ultimate mass and density.

That was the first time when someone is talking about big bang.
Another idea say that our universe is nothing but a offspring of another universe. This theory was written by taking cosmic microwave background as a hint. But at that time, lots of questions arises on big bang but eternal inflation theory helps big bang theory by saying that universe expands with a really quiet speed just after big bang in a fraction of time which is the reason of cosmic microwave background.

Hence we can say that big bang theory is unprovoked without inflation theory. Right now we have numerous inflation theory but we believe in eternal inflation, chaotic inflation theory and some more because it provides a different idea about big bang.

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  1. At first, I do not think that there was nothing before Big-Bang…
    There was always something which was energy.
    There was only not the Time.
    The Time was born by big-bang as the result of expansion.

    In order to determine the nothing as something we need to measure or compare it with another thing.
    If we can not do this, we called it as nothing.

    In my opinion, the Space of the universe was an energy sea with full of energy packages.

    But they have not a vibration. In this position, without vibration, there was no dimension any kind of determination.

    By Big-Bang which was an expansion of an impact (of who? or what?, is unknown), the Time was born and started to vibrate the quantum of Space in the expanding field of expansion.

    By this the Space was turn into the Space -Time.

    Thus, it became something.

    The dimension is not a length or distance or a coordinate. The dimension is a vibration field for energy package.

    By this, the quanta provided a private field for itself to become something.

    The first physics rules started to exist at this stage. All of which were not related any physics rule of matter as like, fundamental forces, Newton laws or Relativistic relations.
    They were only about the energy and its motion. Which are called as thermodynamics Rules.
    Because there was only energy and some systems which were existed by combinations of it due to motion of them by expansion.
    After that, some of these combinations made the matter under some special conditions by the help of the Time.
    Only after that, by existence of the matter, the known physics rules started to occur.

    Can we think that, was it a Chaos? No, contrary, the chaos started with expansion. Because before big-bang all energy units was identical. So that, symmetric and pure. There was nothing different to disrupt this order.
    I think, the existence of matter disrupt the order of the Universe and it is trying to return to this situation again by the Entropy.

    And the Chaos in a system represents only the relations between things that cannot be determined or calculated for us.


  2. Its funny when people come up with theories and all..our mind is a computer that was programmed in such a way that you can not see beyond the so called big bang..we are not intelligent enough to have the full knowledge and its really cool Beacuse we spend all our life studying....

  3. That was an interesting post regarding big bang and the beginning...it's true that people believe in many different theories such as big bang, steady state theory, Oscillating universe,Evolution eternal inflation e.t.c..but no one is sure how universe originated..but believe that all things in and around us was created by God Almighty and he created all the laws of nature...

    Thanks for your awesome post..Best wishes from Top 20 Universe facts

  4. I come from the school of infinite regression, infinite reality meaning, that the big bang is wrong when it starts out saying that physics is wrong but uses physics to 'try-to' explain it's theory...

    The laws of conservation state that energy can not be created nor destroyed yet the big bang foregoes this law and states that the laws of physics didn't even exist BEFORE the big bang... Hell they go one step further to state that other universes may-have different physics than this one.

    Most f you will state that everything MUST-HAVE a beginning but energy doesn't so why put a beginning on the universe?

    Oh but then those of you who claim to be intelligent will state that the universe is expanding and if extrapolated backwards, it will cmoe to a point where there must be a beginning but I say this,

    The doppler effect is nothing more than the measurement of light expanding INTO the universe and this expansion of light (in which they state that the universe is exapnding) is nothing more than light itself expanding from it's source! This is a given... Yet they will have you believe that the expansion (that they measure) is actually the universe that is expanding...

    Just like energy, the universe can not be created nor destroyed. There is no beginning to infinity and trying to state such is the exact same thing as saying that you can find the very first number of an infinite amount of numbers... The is no beginning to an infinity just as there is no beginning to energy, it has always existed and will always exist!

    1. I agree, just accept there was always something. There is no real beginning so there will be no end of the universe, maybe our universe that we see. Imagine we are part of infinity . Just because we think in beginning and ending does not mean it is the truth, We are infinity after all and that is a beautiful thought!

  5. I don't understand how light could expand into the universe. Light, photons are contained with their propagating electrical and magnetic fields and cannot expand as might a gas. However their propagating waves could be stretched by the expansion of space-time. Please explain. Thanks.

  6. We do not know what happened or what there was before the big bang for one very simple reason .. The laws of physics break down prior to the initial singularity that one can trace back to a point where all the mass in the universe was contained in a small area (a singularity) In very much the same way that the laws of physics break down inside a black hole. This is why we do not know what happens inside a black hole, or what happened before the big bang. It is a common misinterpretation that the big bang theory was what created our universe from nothing, it is in fact just the point that we can no longer predict with any accuracy using our current understanding of physics, as the laws "at play" back then were different to the laws and physical constants that govern our universe today. You cannot know what something looks like without any context. So all ideas put forward are speculative

  7. It is very interesting to think about such enigmas we the modern knowledge that allows us to find new and new theories about it.