Does this "waterworld" will have life?

Does "waterworld" will have life?

Today we have numerous eyes in outer space to make discoveries, of course they are space telescopes. They helped us to discover many galaxies stars and planets present at very large distance.

This strange planet is named as Gj1214b orbiting its red dwarf star Gj1214 which is 45 light years away from our sun in Ophiuchus constellation.

Gj1214b was detected under Mearth program. The aim of this program is to find those small planets orbiting their host star, diminishing the light of its host star to some percentage.

During discovery of Gj1214b astronomers got that the light coming from star Gj1214 is getting dim upto 1.5% in every 1.58 days. After calculation of radial velocity of object with respect to star and some other researches astronomers concluded that, the object is nothing but a planet.

The planet is categorises under the criteria of super earth planet which is bigger than our earth but smaller than gas giants of our solar system. The radius of the planet is calculated by observation of the amount of dimming light of the host star of the planet. Detecting the mass of any planet is not a easy task but astronomers do this work by applying their knowledge and hard working skills.

In case of Gj1214b astronomers detect its mass and density by sensitive observation of Gj1214's radial velocity which become measured through small shift in stellar spectral line due to Doppler's effect.

By comparing observed spectrum before and during transit of the planet the spectrum of the planetary atmosphere can be inferred. In 2010 an article was published in which spectacular was showing the wavelength of 750 to 1000 nm.

The predictions are, there is a atmosphere on Gj1214b which is rich in hydrogen and only formed by water vapour.
But astronomers are still not able to detect any clear sign of water vapour in the atmosphere.

Because of the old age of the planetary system astronomers thinks, if there atmosphere on Gj1214b then it will not primordial. There is greater variation in temperature of the planet is visible upto 120- 280°C.

Different studies say different think about this planet, some say that the planet has a rocky surface and a hydrogen rich dense atmosphere, where some say this planet is totally covered with water only hence Gj1214b is also known as waterworld. If it comes to out to waterworld then we can say that this planet is the hotter version of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Till now, no scientist has confirmed that Gj1214b will come as a waterworld and if it really happens than it will be a planet with water core surrounded by more water and 1:3 will be the ratio of rock and water. One mentionable thing is, if the planet comes out as a water world then there are some chances that some microbial life or any evolved form of life present in that water.

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