2 Jun 2019

WARP DRIVE, a technology to travel faster than the light!

WARP DRIVE, a technology to travel faster than the light!

Wrap drive
TODAY, to travel faster than the light is only mathematically proved way to cover distances between different galaxies or such a huge distance .

Yes, it is impossible according to Einstein's general theory of relativity as it says, no body which have mass can travel faster than the speed of light. Today scientists of all over the world believe in this theory that's why they are searching way through which we can cover large distance in very small time period without violating general theory of relativity.

Today we have an idea about the space and its behaviour and we know that Einstein's relativity works on every body in the universe, but not on universe itself. That’s the reason why's scientists say about the expansion of space.

We admit that the universe is created about 14 billion years ago with big bang and if we assume that after big bang universe expands with the speed of light then it's diameter shouldn't be more than 28 billion light years, but according to physicists, the actual diameter of universe is 93 billion light years. That means space can expand and contract with the speed of light.

And this gives us an idea that instead of making a spaceship which can match the speed of light we should make any technology which can expand and contract the space.

If we contract the space in front of a spaceship and expand the space of behind the spaceships then without travelling anywhere, spaceship will cover a huge distance just in a fraction of time. And this technology is known as Warp drive.

For understanding this we have to know about the nature of space. We can't understand space without time because according to Einstein, Space-time is not two different things. If we try to understand then we should know that we measure anything in space with length, breadth and depth/height and if we take time as a fourth dimension then this will be a true model of space-time.

According to Einstein, space does not exist without time and time do not exist without space. So here we need to bend space which is not an easy and also not impossible task. But, with today’s technology it is not possible because, only the body with enormous mass can bend the fabric of space-time and we cannot produce such a mass with today’s technology.

Now, we have an idea about how space-time behaves so now we can understand, how Warp drive works? 

For making this technique possible, we have to expand the space present behind the spaceship and contract the space present in front of the spaceship and by doing this our spaceship will travel a huge distance with more than the speed of light and actually without moving.

By following this technique, we don't have to face any problem because of a phenomenon known as time dilation because in this technique, the spaceship is at rest throughout the journey.

Now we know how warp drive works but the question is, is this possible (compressing and expanding the space)? 

Actually yes, Because we knew that the objects with high mass can compress the space but for doing this we need mass nearly equal to Saturn but this is not the actual problem.

Actual problem with this is, how we can expand space-time?

 For doing this we need negative mass. This is a concept of body which have negative means, this mass will behave against the gravity. We can get this mass in quantum level, but for making warp drive possible we need enormous amount of negative mass which we haven't found yet.

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  1. We need to have a more complete understanding of what gravity exactly is, at least enough that we can artificially reproduce gravity. Then maybe we we can hope to have the knowledge necessary to manipulate space in that way.

  2. I think our understanding of the universe is in its infancy, if we don't kill ourselves first then maybe one day we will understand it's properties enough to be able to explore it.

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