Black hole can be formed without Stars, rescent study suggests!

Black hole can be formed without collapsing the Star, rescent study suggests!

The word Black hole starts up a new circulation of curiosity in our mind. The simple reason behind this curiosity in topics related to black is, this object can make some of the dream and  hypothetical phenomenon possible.

In 1915, Albert Einstein had given his theory of general relativity in which he described, how gravity influence light waves.

Few months later, Karl Schwarzschild found a solution to the Einstein field equation. This equation describes the gravitational fields of a point and circular mass body showing that the body like black hole can be possibly present in the universe.

The idea of a object from which light can't escape was firstly given by John Michelle in 18th century.

Because of great mind like these, today we know most of the facts of black hole. Let's know more about them:
A black hole is a region of space-time exhibiting such a huge gravitational pull that once anything entered in the area of its gravitational pull then, their is zero percent chance that it will be back.

Even light (fastest in the universe) can't escape from the gravitational pull of a black hole. This is also a reason that we don't have enough information about black holes because we can't explore them enough. Still we are continuously trying to know more and more things related to a black hole.

Normally, a black hole forms when a star of at least 10 solar mass has already spent all its hydrogen and helium as a fuel and then it collapse. This collapse is known as gravitational collapse and it occurs when an object's internal pressure in insufficient to resist it from its own gravity.
This is a usual method of formation of a black hole.

Recently, a paper published in astrophysical journal letters by researchers Santana basu and Arpan das of university of western Ontario, in their paper they explained about how black hole can be formed without imploding of a star.

In this study, researchers explains that how supermassive black holes grow very faster and suddenly at a certain period of time their growing stops.

In this paper, they also explain that how black holes formed at the initial phase of our universe. Santana basu and Arpan das are clearly explained that how black holes form with direct collapse rather than Steller remnants.

Basu explained, supermassive black hole have a very short period of time where it increases its mass and size very-very quickly and after some time their production came to half because of radiation present in the universe created by other bodies.

In their research paper, they also mentioned a fact that researchers have discovered numerous black holes in the last decades whose mass in billions time the mass of the sun.

These facts related to black holes makes it more interesting and informative and this is the reason why researchers are giving their so much time and focus to these intelligence bodies.

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