Super massive black hole ‘V616 Monocerotis’ coming very close to Earth. Will Earth survive?

Super massive black hole ‘V616 Monocerotis’ coming very close to Earth. Will Earth survive?

Super massive black hole ‘V616 Monocerotis’ coming very close to Earth. Will Earth survive?

Black holes, it is an object in space-time exhibiting gravitational acceleration so strong that nothing—no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from it. In the space, black holes are one of the most complex entities.

Black holes form when a star totally consume its fuel of nuclear fusion and unable to fuse further then the balance between its mass and gravitational force disturbed hence star starts collapsing until it convert into a single point of infinite mass and density.

When black hole totally convert into a single point then that point is termed as point of singularity

which posses intimate hence it make a big and deep curve in space time which is deeper than curve made by any other object and that point and curve is simultaneously termed as black hole.

Because of such pit like curve, all the  objects are attracted towards that black hole, a hypothetical region around black hole from where no object can escape is known as event horizon.  

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Once if light entered in event horizon then it also can’t escape from its gravitational pull.

Another reason you don't want to close to a black hole is because of something called “spaghettification”.

Imagine an object in space, like a star gets closer to a black hole, the its one side will get pulled harder than the other. That's because one side of the star will be closer to the black hole than the other.

The pull from gravity will be stronger on the side closest to the black hole and weaker on the side that' further away.

This difference in the pull of gravity which is called as “tidal force” would cause the star to get pulled apart.  Its similar like pulling a lump of pasta dough into spaghetti.

Sometimes astronomers have observed this happening in the other galaxies. The technical name of this phenomenon is “tidal disruption event” but it just means that a star got too close to a black hole and got sucked into it.

In fact, are more than thousand of black holes are presents in a galaxy, which simply form after a star uses its all the energy and collapse into it in a very small point.

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Although, these all black holes are present very far from us. But, recently a black hole is sported that is moving towards the earth.
Now, the question is what if Earth gets trapped in a black hole? What will happen to humans? May be humans will extinct and also the Earth will come to its end.

So, as explained above that nothing can escape the gravitational force of the black hole that means Earth will also get sucked by the black hole and the human civilization will get extinct.

But not to worry about, because there is not any black hole close enough to Earth that can affect us directly.

The closest black hole to the Earth is named ‘V616 Monocerotis’. It is also known as A0620-00. This black hole is 6.6 times more massive than our Sun.

If our planet Earth gets within about 800,000 kilometres (3.7 light seconds) of this supermassive black hole it will get pulled apart.

But that’s unlikely to happen and certainly not in your lifetime as V616 Monocerotis is about 3,300 light years away and that’s very, very far away.

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